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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Real Rainbow

The original picture from Roses to a Rose Garden

I missed posting on my blog anniversary this year. It turned 13 on September 30 of this year. What can I say? Times are different and I've lost any readership I had. I do darken the virtual doors on occasion and this topic has been on my mind for a while. My blog is not about rainbows or rose gardens, although both rainbows and roses do appear randomly in pictures I've taken.

That said, on occasion, I have used a rainbow design or rainbow colors as an illustration for a post. As I reflect on those posts, I often regret using anything other than an actual photograph of a rainbow. Why? Because real rainbows only occur in nature when it rains and the sunlight hits the droplets forming one of nature's most joyful sights.

If you are wondering why I object to other uses of the rainbow, I will tell you. The original rainbow was God's promise to Noah that He would never again destroy all flesh with a global flood. Now that sacred symbol is used to represent the pride of a certain group of people. 

What adult people do among themselves is their business, and I'm not here to judge that. I do think, however, that things have evolved from a personal, "live and let live" motto to a very public "Hey, look at me" kind of thing.  It seems to me that no one group (or community as they are often referred to) should be of any greater focus than any other.

In contemplating this post, I did a search and found that the rainbow had been co-opted to represent this community all the way back in 1978. Had I considered that at the time I was searching for a blog name, I may not have chosen Roses to Rainbows, lest potential readers get the wrong idea. Anyone actually reading here would surely know otherwise.

During my search, I also found an article called "Taking Back The Rainbow" which was written in 2007. I believe that one's faith is personal, and again, I am not here to judge anyone for theirs. However, the article, based on the author's faith, clearly states the origin of the rainbow and why it is still important today. I would very much like to "take the rainbow back".

Below are links to how my blog actually got it's name. There was an real rose garden and a rainbow after a summer rain.

Reynolda Gardens (How I Named my Blog - Part I)

It's All in the Name (How I Named my Blog - Part II)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Celebrating 12 Years And Some Rambling

Today is September 21, 2021. I have been tapping away in this space (more randomly of late) for 12 years as of yesterday. A lot has changed. We have gone from three cats in the house to one and she is the queen, or so she thinks. Good times have been had and memories made. Many of those documented here on this blog. 

Facts and fiction have been written upon these virtual pages. Challenges issued and answered. Ideas shared with occasional wit and wisdom. Much of my writing has fallen by the wayside for a host of reasons. Leading up to this post, I have been re-reading some of my stories and looking at the pictures. I have characters that need to have their stories either continued or wrapped up. However life of late has not been conducive to creativity. 

There were once a number of writers whom I read regularly and traded comments with. They inspired me to put my best foot (or words) forward. But bloggers come and go, moving on to other things or just living life in real time. I do know that blogging is not dead. Hubby and I continue to read many interesting and informative blogs written by real people with real wit and wisdom and the ability to ferret out and present facts, which are getting harder and harder to come by.

Another thing that is in short supply, and I don't mean toilet paper, is common sense. I find that seriously lacking everywhere I turn these days. It seems like so many peoples' brains have just turned to mush and they can no longer think for themselves. They allow themselves to be spoon-fed whatever the so-called "experts" are dishing out. 

Next up, we need to throw that critical race theory right into the rubbish and get back to practicing good old-fashioned critical thinking. We need to rejuvenate our problem-solving skills and question everything before jumping on the bandwagon du jour.

And while we're at it, please stop rewriting history. It is ours...own it. For better or worse, we earned it. A new chapter is being written today. What will that teach those who come after us? As it often is with history, it will be lesson in what not to do.

As I move into my 13th year in the blogosphere, what stories shall I tell? Will they be fact or fiction, or more ramblings such as this from someone who longs for the world to be restored to the one she grew up in, however imperfect it was.

I'll see ya when I see ya! The virtual door is always open, so make yourself at home.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I Missed It!

Can you believe it? I actually missed my 11th Blog Anniversary Date! I guess this year has really messed up things. So, instead of reminiscing or rambling down memory lane, I will show you our lovely Sophie.

I love to use the features of my smart phone camera to enhance pictures, adding special effects and a frame. I took this one a step further into Autodesk Sketchbook and softened the background because this was just an random picture taken in a cluttered room. Pretty cat but not so pretty backdrop.

Thanks to Sophie for helping me belatedly acknowledge my 11th blogoversary (September 20, 2009).

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Changes for 2020!

Here we are settling into a new year. Wow, how time flies. It's 2020 already - can you believe it? 

Roses to Rainbows turned 10 last September and hasn't been remodeled in years. Because it is not only a new year, but a new decade, I figured my space should reflect that so I decided to tackle the long-overdue chore of updating of this blog. It will be a work in progress for a while as I patch test new paint, rip out the carpet, work out the technical kinks and then haul the debris away.

But wait there's more! Along with the new look will come a new name. I have not decided on that yet - I'm still contemplating the possibilities and the direction of the blog. 

The URL, however, will remain for now as that is my domain name.

Stay tuned as I muddle through this much-needed renovation.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Roses To Rainbows Turns Ten

Well y'all it has been ten years! Can you believe it? This blog has been a lot of things over the years. It has been a place for me to share my cats, trips and other adventures. It was where I learned I could write fiction (at least to some degree), waxed poetic on occasion, cooked, cleaned and chased clutter six ways from Sunday. I quoted famous people and then told you what they really said.

Last year I started an online store, Rosie B. Designs, and made the announcement here with occasional promotional posts.  The store is where I get to explore the other side of my creativity. It is tough getting a new venture going in such a competitive market, so I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop by and look around. Pictured below is a sample from one of my collections.

As you can see from the rest of the pictures and the past few posts, I have gone off on yet another adventure, gardening. My garden is very small scale, consisting of a few beds and containers. However, we did have green beans and squash a plenty this summer, and some of the best parsley I've ever had.

These are a couple of my sweet snacking peppers and my plant still has lots of peppers on it. They are ready when they have turned orange. Aren't they pretty?

Also, given my love of all things potato, I planted potatoes in buckets. I made the mistake of planting too many taters per bucket and they didn't have enough room to grow, so this is the sum total of my crop. Live and learn, and I'll do better next year...I hope.

In the ground for fall are some beets. It has been so hot with no rain so they may not do well. They have just sprouted and I do keep them watered, so we'll see. I plan to get a bulb of organic garlic to plant next month.

In conclusion, this blog turns ten years old today and has been through a lot of phases and seen a lot of changes. It has also been woefully neglected of late. In fact, I dropped out of the "Chill" writing challenge last January because I was just not inspired. That was a first! I like to write fiction and fun posts for challenges but the topics just didn't work for that. 

So what does the future hold for Roses to Rainbows? That is TBD, but feel free to explore the archives and dig up some oldies but goodies!

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Chasing The Rainbow

We were returning from Ft. DeSoto and as we came over the bridge at Tierra Verde I spotted a rainbow. It was not raining where we were at that moment, but it was or had been raining somewhere. We followed the rain clouds and the rainbow, hoping for a better view. All you can see of the rainbow in this picture is a tiny segment to the left of the first palm tree, but the sunlight transforms these ordinary condos into something beautiful.

Here is the rainbow when we first saw it.
On another note, today is October 20, 2018 and it occurs to me that I failed to acknowledge my ninth year in blogging (by exactly one month). 

How did that happen? Well, to be quite honest, I have not been very diligent in posting and basically took the entire summer off. Life is busy and time taken sitting at the computer stringing words together took a back seat.

Am I back? Yeah, maybe...I'm not sure, but it would be sad to just quit. Did I get where I wanted to when I started out? Nope, but that's okay, at least that's what I tell myself. My goal continues to be to inspire people, give them something to think about or at least make them smile.

So I guess I'll keep on chasing the rainbow and hope that my words will reach the person(s) that they were meant to reach.

Remember, the welcome mat is out and the virtual doors are always open so make yourself at home. Please leave your calling card in the comments below so I can greet you personally.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I Hit A Milestone!

When I started Roses to Rainbows, I had no idea where it would go or how long I would blog, and here I am 8 years and 1,000 posts later. So what have I done for the last 8 years? Well, I have come to the computer 1,000 times, wrote for my audience (real or imagined) and pushed that orange "Publish" button. 

I have shared pictures of my family (mainly our cats), my vacations, yummy food and gorgeous sunsets. I have, in my humble opinion, created interesting characters in my fictional stories, many of whom show up regularly in blogging challenges. I have waxed poetic ranging from light banter to the dark reaches of tortured souls. Fortunately, I do not fall into the latter category.

When I first started blogging, I began a quote of the week series, giving my interpretation of each quote. They are not exactly weekly now, but I still post quotes and put in my two cents worth.

Did I plan on writing fiction? Nope! It wasn't until I found a site called Magpie Tales, and wrote that first post. I went on to write a number of stories and poems based on a picture prompt posted by the hostess. Unfortunately that site hasn't been active for the last year and a half.

I wrote flash fiction for the G-Man's weekly "Friday 55" series off and on for several years. He had a great site where everyone was invited to write whatever they wanted in exactly 55 words. That was fun and definitely challenging. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. Not too long ago I lost another blogging buddy, Nicky, from We Work For Cheese. She hosted several of the blogging challenges, and we all had a blast reading each others posts during the "30 minus 2 days of writing" in February.

What is next for Roses to Rainbows? I don't know, but I still like putting a post together and tweaking it until I feel like it's the best I have to offer. Obviously some are better than others, and out of the 1,000 published posts, I would say there more than a few that have not yet been discovered, so feel free to dig into the archives (located on my sidebar). The virtual doors are always open, the coffee is hot and the wine is chilled.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed Christmas season!

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Write 31 Days: Into the Kitchen

Hi, and welcome to Roses to Rainbows. If you're new around here, come in and make yourself at home. 

If you are a regular, then you know that I enjoy participating in blogging challenges. In fact, I have done two already this year. The 20 days of Chill in January and the 10 days of Heat on August, both hosted by P. J. at A lil' Hoohaa.  

During the month of October I plan to tackle the Write 31 Days challenge hosted by Crystal Stine. This is different from the previous challenges in that you choose a topic and pick a category that fits your topic. You then write on your chosen topic each day of the month. 

All the other blogging/writing challenges have provided a daily prompt and each participant wrote on the same topic, albeit with vastly different stories. This will truly be a challenge for me given the random nature of my  blog. 

While I have chosen the category of Food, Health & Wellness, I will not focus on any one food type, but will post a collection of recipes, articles, tips and other tidbits.

Please join me during the month of October as I take Roses to Rainbows into the kitchen. 

Click the links below for new content each day.

Day 2: Top Ten Kitchen Tips
Day 3: Top Ten Cooking Tips
Day 4: Which Oil Should I Use?
Day 5: Who Ever Has Enough Kitchen Gadgets?
Day 6: Why Ghee is Good
Day 7: Awesome Fried Clams
Day 9: Are They Yams or Sweet Potatoes
Day 10: Let's Talk Onions
Day 11: Everything Is Coming Up Pumpkins
Day 12: Botanically Speaking...What Are You Eating?
Day 13: Make Your Own Yellow Rice
Day 14: Yes, you can make your own pizza!
Day 16: Easy Red Beans and Rice
Day 17: Mayonnaise Rolls to the Rescue
Day 18: How to Save a Buck or Two
Day 19: What I Learned from TV
Day 20: The Humble Potato
Day 21: Know Your Sausage
Day 23: Into The Kitchen: Grilling Tips
Day 24: Rice: Brown, White or Other?
Day 25: An Unlikely Combination
Day 26: Fixing Up Your Quick-Fix Meals
Day 27: A Well Stocked Pantry Saves Time And Money
Day 28: Pantry Soup
Day 30: The Secret is in the Seasoning: Herbs and Spices
Day 31: Vacuum Sealing: The Basics

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Blogging: Q & A

Just last week I celebrated my eighth year as blogging at Roses to Rainbows without much fanfare. Just a short post to acknowledge the journey. I have touched on some of these points from time to time in other posts, but I thought I'd hit all the bases with a little Q & A which is solely reflective of my thoughts and experience over the years.

So what exactly is blogging? Blogs began back in the late 1990s as a weblog or an online journal, and over time the weblog evolved into the blog, or blogging, and one who writes a blog is a blogger. 

Why do people blog?  Some do it to keep up with friends and family, some promote their hobbies, some are writers and this is a place to perfect their craft and others blog just to entertain their audience. Many businesses with a web presence also have blogs.

Can you become rich and famous?  Some bloggers get recognized for their content and go on to write books. I've watched bloggers go from small sites to national recognition, magazines and TV shows.

Is this the norm?  Nope. It is the few of the few. So why do the rest of us do it? As self expression, a creative outlet, or as some people state, "I can't not write".

Who is reading? "Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self." I often wonder what Cyril Connolly was thinking when he said those words? Born in the early 1900s, he was a widely published British author, so apparently he was not lacking a public for whom to write. People from all walks of life read blogs for different reasons - entertainment, information, or a sense of community among the author and other readers.

Isn't blogging dead/dying?  No, there are a lot of active, successful blogs out there. Yes, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and others have changed things, but bloggers still offer content in a format that social media does not.

For whom are you writing?  For anyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to read my posts. For anyone who reads my words and smiles. For anyone who happens by on their way to somewhere else.  
I am writing for you!

What is your goal?  My goal is to make people think, make them smile, encourage them, motivate them, to serve up entrees of information and anecdotes tossed with a mixture of fact and fiction, with sides of pictures and poetic ponderings. I would also like to establish a community of individuals sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Should I leave a comment? Absolutely! This not only helps build the community I mentioned, but also encourages the author and is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you in advance!

To other writers and bloggers, what keeps you writing?

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Celebrating 8 Years at Roses to Rainbows

Here I am, still blogging along after 8 years. This is my 963rd published post. There have been ups and downs, challenges and lapses, and yet I keep coming back. Why, you ask? Well, it was once said to me when I pondered my apparent failure as a blogger that "you never know when the words you write will touch someone". 

If I make one person laugh or even crack a smile, it's worth it. If I inspire, uplift or motivate one person, then I have accomplished something. If I entertained someone with my fictional characters, then that was a good day.

The doors are always open here at Roses to Rainbows, so drop by anytime. The archives are filled to the brim with eight years of stories, poetry, pictures, musings and much more.

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Are You Ready to Chill?

It's that time of year again. Yes, that's right. It's time for the

Writing Challenge!

Starting tomorrow...details found here.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Over 900 and Counting

I have been blogging since September 2009, obviously not for the fame, but because I am making my little mark upon that vast sea of information that is the internet. 

Like many of you, I didn't grow up in the information age. I was well into my twenties before I got my first computer, and for about 15 years I made my living with computers and technology.

It was 2011 before I got my first smart phone and only recently replaced it. Nope, I've never been one to jump on the high-tech band wagon, but I am getting off topic. 

I enjoy blogging, and it is especially rewarding when I read that my words have touched someone, encouraged someone, made them smile or even laugh out loud, or in today's

When I first started out, I frequently checked my stats was either elated or deflated depending on the number of visitors and/or comments I received. Evidently I have become complacent over the years and only last week realized that I had passed the 900 mark. No fan fare, no hoopla, nothing...just click publish and done.

That I have published over 900 posts in about six and a half years must say that I like to see myself in print. Hey, that's better than 900 pictures of yours truly!  Anyway, I hope you'll keep coming around 'cause I'm not done yet.

The Quote of the Week will return next week.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Still Going

Celebrating 6 years at Roses to Rainbows.

What is blogging? Blogging began as a web log, an online journal of whatever you wished to write down to share with friends, family or just for yourself.  Over time the web log has evolved into the blog, or blogging, and one who writes a blog is called a blogger. Our thoughts are now shared on a much larger scale as we try to reach out to people all around the world.

Why do people blog? For some blogging may be an extension of a business website; for others it may be a means of staying in touch with family and friends. 

Some bloggers get recognized for their content and go on to write books. I've watched bloggers go from small sites to national recognition, magazines and TV shows. Is this the norm? Nope. It is the few of the few, so why do the rest of us do it? As self expression, a creative outlet, or as some people state, "I can't not write".

These are some of the things that got us started, but what keeps us coming back to the keyboard? What keeps us pressing publish, sharing our thoughts, our words, our stories?

I have previously shared this quote "Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self." I often wonder what Cyril Connolly was thinking when he said those words? Born in the early 1900s, he was a widely published British author, so apparently he was not lacking a public for whom to write.

For whom am I writing?  For anyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to read my posts. For anyone who reads my words and smiles. For anyone who happens by on their way to somewhere else. 

What is my goal? To reach out to people, to make them smile, make them think, to encourage and motivate them. I serve up a mixture of facts, fiction and anecdotes, tossed with humor and inspiration and sides of pictures and poetic ponderings. 

What keeps you writing or reading?

The quote of the week returns next week.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

More Than Just a Number

Do you lurk, secure in your anonymity?  Do you regularly visit blogs, read their words and smile, laugh, or even cry and then slip quietly out the back door?  Is that you?

Image source: calitomshots
I thought so! I see your footprints, so I know you've been here, but your identity is only a number to me.  

Come now, don't you want to be known by more than just a number? We're real people here. We have names, personalities, interests and thoughts.

Our church has a ritual each Sunday wherein each person (or couple) signs a pew pad which is passed down the row and back to mark our attendance and alert us to visitors.

I will admit that at first we did not sign the pew pad...we weren't ready to be identified. Eventually that changed, and now our attendance is recorded by name, and not just by someone counting heads.

I hope that you will soon feel at home here, and 'sign the pew pad', so to speak, by leaving a comment and let me know how I'm doing.

As always, thanks for visiting Roses to Rainbows.  Y'all come back now, y'hear.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrating Five Years and a New Look!

On September 20, 2009, Roses to Rainbows made its debut in the blogging world. Not knowing what I was doing, I plunked happily away at the keys, bravely pressed publish...and waited.

Do you remember your first comment? It's like an "I have arrived" moment.  "Change Back From Your Dime" was that post for me on February 10, 2010.

Eventually I learned that blogging is a two-way street and connecting with other bloggers would broaden my writing horizons. I also joined Facebook and signed up for Twitter.
In May 2010, I discovered creative writing with Magpie Tales and wrote the first of many magpies - Memories.  To wrap up that first year, I shared Ten Things I Have Learned From Blogging.  

On my second anniversary, I invited all my lurkers, as well as my regular visitors, to a Meet and Greet, where the coffee is always hot and the wine is properly chilled. 

I value each and every visitor, so the next year I celebrated with a Giveaway.

Always up for a challenge, I have participated in not one, but three month-long creative writing challenges, hosted by Nicky at We Work For Cheese, and I have the scars T-shirts to prove it!

Last year's anniversary passed without much fanfare, and on a sad note, I said good-bye to Rosie, who was my constant companion for 16 years.

After five years I was tired of the decor and decided to freshen the place up a bit. So I ripped down the old wall paper, updated the color palatte and packed away the clutter.  As with any renovation, there may be a few kinks to be worked out and tweaks to be made.

Come on in, make yourself at home and be sure to pick up a glass of champagne to help toast the next year. Please leave your calling card in the comment section so I can get back to you. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This One's For Rosie!

This is an excerpt from an email I received last week from Jenny at  

Dear Linda,

My name is Jenny Franklin. I work with; my job is to search blogs such as yours for individuals who put a great deal of effort into making birthdays extra special.

I am writing you because of your post on Rosie's 16th birthday party. If anyone deserves a birthday party, it certainly is a cat that's lived 16 years! On behalf of I would like to award you
 "Best Decorations" badge. Little Rosie is so adorable!

Thank you, Jenny. I was surprised and pleased to have Rosie's party post selected. Of course, I accept this award in memory of Rosie, after all it was his party. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Four Years Running

Image Source:  D. Sharon Pruitt
Really...has it been that long?  It seems like just yesterday when I was agonizing over blog names (How I Named My Blog parts One and Two) and blogging platforms.  In spite of the fact that many people praised Wordpress, I ultimately chose Blogger, and it has worked well for me so far.  

So today I celebrate my 4th blogoversary without much fanfare, words of wisdom or unsolicited advice.  Nope, it just snuck up on me and here I sit with nothing to offer.

If you read the above links, you will know how I came about the name Roses to Rainbows, and that my blog was never about roses or rainbows, but rather just a mixture of facts and fiction, fun and frivolity, and most importantly, friends and family (including our cats who are most definitely family). 

As much as I have given to this blog, it has given back to me by providing me a place to explore my creative side through my fictional characters and the occasional stab at poetry.

I've tried to create a positive place for folks to visit, and offer a peak into my little corner of the world.  Please feel free to come in and take a look around.  The coffee's always on and there's wine after 5:00.  Don't worry, it's always 5:00 somewhere.

Here's to another year of blogging, and now to wrap this up I offer you Lynn Anderson singing "Rose Garden".  Cheers!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome to a New Blogger

Please join me in welcoming a new talent to the blogosphere.  Meet Jim (aka my hubby), the author of Field Expedient Repair.  

After several years of lurking about and peering with anonymity into the lives of unknowing bloggers across the globe, he decided to take the plunge and become a participating member of the cyber community.

For over 26 years, we have laughed together, misunderstood each other and found humor in our miscommunications.  Every time I laugh until I can't breathe over some verbal misstep, he says, "you need to blog that".  Now I can say that.

Jim has a wide array of interests, including metal working, electronics and welding.  He has heard things like "don't do that", "are you crazy?" and "be careful" more than once with reference to some of his more interesting endeavors.

You can find him sharing his latest trials and tribulations projects, some he said/she said stories and, of course, a cat tale or two here at: 

Field Expedient Repair – Or Not…

A perfectionist meets baling gum and chewing wire…

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Spammers

"Well done webmaster.  Keep up good work.  I will come back here soon."

I'm sure you will!  I see the evidence every day in my spam folder.  Since I so rudely delete all your efforts to get my attention, here is my response to you.

Dear Spammers,
Image Source: Kachina Daze

Thank you for caring about my health and beauty.  I appreciate you turning me on to sunscreens, lip gloss, and some questionable anti-aging substances that promise to transform me back to my youth.  Which has what to do with "The Value of Comments"?

And what woman wouldn't want some cheap Prada?  Interestingly left on "Don't Let Your Bundle of Joy Cost a Bundle"  Appropriate don't you think?

Thanks also for bombarding me with male-specific drugs and products, just in case I am planning on a secret gender-changing procedure.  This was left on one of my rewritten nursery rhymes "This Little Piggy".  Makes me wonder who the little piggy has been talking to.

To help me pay for all these wonderful products and services, you offer me a special "payday loan".  True poetry to my ears left on "Shades of Summer".  

So thank you for sharing, and for staying on topic. Until next time...


Roses to Rainbows