Friday, September 20, 2013

Four Years Running

Image Source:  D. Sharon Pruitt
Really...has it been that long?  It seems like just yesterday when I was agonizing over blog names (How I Named My Blog parts One and Two) and blogging platforms.  In spite of the fact that many people praised Wordpress, I ultimately chose Blogger, and it has worked well for me so far.  

So today I celebrate my 4th blogoversary without much fanfare, words of wisdom or unsolicited advice.  Nope, it just snuck up on me and here I sit with nothing to offer.

If you read the above links, you will know how I came about the name Roses to Rainbows, and that my blog was never about roses or rainbows, but rather just a mixture of facts and fiction, fun and frivolity, and most importantly, friends and family (including our cats who are most definitely family). 

As much as I have given to this blog, it has given back to me by providing me a place to explore my creative side through my fictional characters and the occasional stab at poetry.

I've tried to create a positive place for folks to visit, and offer a peak into my little corner of the world.  Please feel free to come in and take a look around.  The coffee's always on and there's wine after 5:00.  Don't worry, it's always 5:00 somewhere.

Here's to another year of blogging, and now to wrap this up I offer you Lynn Anderson singing "Rose Garden".  Cheers!


  1. Congrats on the 4 years...Happy Blogaversary!! That's a real milestone in the blogging world. I think you picked a great name and the fact you gave it a lot of thought impresses me. I changed the name of my blog a couple of times and probably should of called it The Art of Being Indecisive.

  2. Cheryl- Thank you. I think you chose a great name. Although The Art of Being Indecisive would get attention, too.

  3. Congratulations, Linda. Four years is a long time. And I've enjoyed every moment I've spent at your blog. Oh boy, that song took me back! Loved it!

  4. Talon- Thank you. I'm you have enjoyed it, and happy that I could bring back a good memory.

  5. Yea, four years and counting:~) Congratulations. There's so much I remember about the early days and you have become a very special person to me:~)

    I'm so pleased I stopped by today. I enjoyed the two blog posts, especially the one about the garden and the child playing in the rain and the rainbow.

    Have a wonderful weekend, okay?

  6. Congratulations on making it four years! How time flies, when you're having fun :)

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! Congratulations on your 4th blogoversary! That's wonderful!

  8. Congratulations, Linda! We debated over the name of our blog too. I suggested We Work For Cheese. CheesyMike chose something silly. Needless to say, I won the debate.

  9. Sara- Thank you! I remember the early days as well. It's tough to figure out where you want to go, so sometimes it's best to just let the blog drive. I have some old stuff that was never seen, so I may rework some of it (don't really want a lot of duplicate content) and give it new life. You have a great weekend, too!

    Babs- Thank you. Time certainly does fly, and I'm looking forward to the next year.

    Meleah- Thank you. It has been a learning experience, as well as fun, with the perk of meet new people.

    Timothy- Thank you. So glad to have you here.

    Nicky- "Needless to say, I won the debate" Was there ever any doubt?

  10. Another year already? It seems like just a few weeks ago you were writing your third year anniversary.

  11. Hi Linda .. congratulations - it's a great community - shown by so many of us keeping going and communicating.

    Choosing a name is always so difficult isn't it ... thankfully mine seems to be about right and covers my multitude of writing sins!! A mixed bag if there ever was one - and now it's easier as one settles in to a writing style ..

    Here's to many more .. cheers Hilary

  12. Congratulations on four years of wonderful blogging. Now that I know that you serve wine, you might never get rid of me.


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