Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome to a New Blogger

Please join me in welcoming a new talent to the blogosphere.  Meet Jim (aka my hubby), the author of Field Expedient Repair.  

After several years of lurking about and peering with anonymity into the lives of unknowing bloggers across the globe, he decided to take the plunge and become a participating member of the cyber community.

For over 26 years, we have laughed together, misunderstood each other and found humor in our miscommunications.  Every time I laugh until I can't breathe over some verbal misstep, he says, "you need to blog that".  Now I can say that.

Jim has a wide array of interests, including metal working, electronics and welding.  He has heard things like "don't do that", "are you crazy?" and "be careful" more than once with reference to some of his more interesting endeavors.

You can find him sharing his latest trials and tribulations projects, some he said/she said stories and, of course, a cat tale or two here at: 

Field Expedient Repair – Or Not…

A perfectionist meets baling gum and chewing wire…


  1. Alright! Welcome to the world of blogging, Jim!!

  2. Nice! Welcome to Blogland, Jim. I know you have an in-house expert to steer you right.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Linda!

  3. Meleah- Thanks for the hearty welcome. I'll pass it on.

    Talon- I'll tell him. I have offered my support, although I don't know Word Press very well.

  4. Welcome Jim. I too am a newbee. I've been blogging since june 22. 50 posts so far. Maybe I'm overdoing it.

    Agent 54

  5. Oh Dear Lord, I've not yet clicked over to his site, but I know he's awesome!!!

    And your post has me laughing. I have a Jim who'd been told many times "are you SURE you should be doing that??" :) :)

    You know I feigned once of being a welder? :)

    Okay, want to check out his blog!!

    Linda, you are awesome!


  6. Hi Linda .. well Jim has caught our imagination .. and glad that he's joined our ranks .. Happy weekend to you both .. cheers Hilary

  7. Timothy- I don't know about overdoing it. The imagination is unlimited, it's just putting it into words that is sometimes my problem. My blog has evolved since I first started. But the weekly quotes have been consistent for nearly four years. Now hubby has joined in the fun.

    Jannie- You're right, he is awesome, and I've told him for a while he needs to blog. I'm not sure what his primary focus will be (he's not either), but I'm sure it will be touched with humor, and cats. Thanks for thinking I'm awesome, too. Right back at ya!

    Hilary- He definitely has plenty of imagination with which to hook yours. He's been lurking around cyberspace for a while so it's time he gets his feet wet.

  8. Welcome to the blogging community. I put you in my reader to follow. Hope you find your audience quickly and find a ton of loyal readers.

  9. Oh, Linda already, I have screwed up. I meant to put that last comment on Jim's blog but I had both your blog and his open at the same time. HMMM...I will get it right in the future.

  10. Linda- Thanks for introducing me and my blog. Maybe your friends will forgive you for it some day...

    The welcome messages are overwhelming, thank you all.

    Jim R

  11. Cheryl- I passed along your sentiments, and he appreciates all the support.

    Jim R- You are most welcome.

  12. Will there be the sound of dueling banjos while you type blogs posts simultaneously? :-)

    Welcome to the blogoshpere, Jim!

  13. Welcome to blogging, Jim. :)

  14. Nicky- That would be motivational, now wouldn't it?

    Hilary- Thank you!


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