Friday, September 29, 2017

Write 31 Days: Into the Kitchen

Hi, and welcome to Roses to Rainbows. If you're new around here, come in and make yourself at home. 

If you are a regular, then you know that I enjoy participating in blogging challenges. In fact, I have done two already this year. The 20 days of Chill in January and the 10 days of Heat on August, both hosted by P. J. at A lil' Hoohaa.  

During the month of October I plan to tackle the Write 31 Days challenge hosted by Crystal Stine. This is different from the previous challenges in that you choose a topic and pick a category that fits your topic. You then write on your chosen topic each day of the month. 

All the other blogging/writing challenges have provided a daily prompt and each participant wrote on the same topic, albeit with vastly different stories. This will truly be a challenge for me given the random nature of my  blog. 

While I have chosen the category of Food, Health & Wellness, I will not focus on any one food type, but will post a collection of recipes, articles, tips and other tidbits.

Please join me during the month of October as I take Roses to Rainbows into the kitchen. 

Click the links below for new content each day.

Day 2: Top Ten Kitchen Tips
Day 3: Top Ten Cooking Tips
Day 4: Which Oil Should I Use?
Day 5: Who Ever Has Enough Kitchen Gadgets?
Day 6: Why Ghee is Good
Day 7: Awesome Fried Clams
Day 9: Are They Yams or Sweet Potatoes
Day 10: Let's Talk Onions
Day 11: Everything Is Coming Up Pumpkins
Day 12: Botanically Speaking...What Are You Eating?
Day 13: Make Your Own Yellow Rice
Day 14: Yes, you can make your own pizza!
Day 16: Easy Red Beans and Rice
Day 17: Mayonnaise Rolls to the Rescue
Day 18: How to Save a Buck or Two
Day 19: What I Learned from TV
Day 20: The Humble Potato
Day 21: Know Your Sausage
Day 23: Into The Kitchen: Grilling Tips
Day 24: Rice: Brown, White or Other?
Day 25: An Unlikely Combination
Day 26: Fixing Up Your Quick-Fix Meals
Day 27: A Well Stocked Pantry Saves Time And Money
Day 28: Pantry Soup
Day 30: The Secret is in the Seasoning: Herbs and Spices
Day 31: Vacuum Sealing: The Basics

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  1. Found you on the Write 31 Days linkup. I love to cook, but am single so hard to just cook for me.

    1. Hi Tara, thanks for visiting. I will be posting some recipes later this month. Most of my recipes serve two, occasionally with leftovers. Maybe you'll find something that works for you.

  2. Well done Linda - should be interesting to see what you write about ... it's good to be varied with your approach (well that's what I've found) ... I'll be lurking and commenting on occasion! Cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary! I am trying to get back into the blogging groove again, both posting and visiting. These challenges are a good way to do that.


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