Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My How Time Flies!

Is it that time again?
Time sure does fly.  Twenty-six years ago today we tied the knot at the courthouse before the Justice of the Peace and immediate family.  It was a full day beginning with signing the loan documents on the house we still live in today.  After the ceremony, we loaded the car and headed to the beach.  While it is a day of many memories, oddly this one stands out.  It was the only time my Mom ever asked to borrow my car.  She made a last minute trip out to get a flower for me.  Since it was a simple ceremony, no one had thought about flowers.  

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie.  I'm looking forward to another 26 years.


  1. Awww that's sweet. Happy Anniversary. :)

  2. That was so thoughtful of your mom! I know I said it over on FB, but congratulations to both of you. I wish you 26 more wonderful years - at least! :-)

  3. Happy Belated Anniversary:~) I hope the two of you celebrated. May you have many more wonderful years together:~)

  4. Hi Linda .. sounds a very simple, but just beautiful day - with an everlasting forever ... the flower tale just adds to the view ...

    Absolutely - here's to another 26 years .. happiness is love and sharing it with a cat!!!! Cheers Hilary

  5. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes. We had a nice dinner last night in celebration.

  6. Happy Anniversary! And it is really lovely to hear you say that you look forward to another 26 years. :) Hope you both had a great day.

  7. Hope you had a fantastic celebration of your anniversary, Linda! Isn't it the truth? Time flies (especially when you're mostly having a blast!) :)


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