Friday, April 19, 2013

Upside Down Sophie

If we could all just relax like a cat.

It's Friday!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Talk about complete abandon! But I think I would probably end up with a slight crick in my neck if I relaxed like that :-)

  2. no matter the position, surface or space.. they're always comfy.

  3. Nicky- I'd have cricks all over if I laid like that. But they do know how to relax.

    Hilary- Yeah, even when it looks painful to us.

  4. Aww!! So cute! My dog Lisen lies just like that in the sofa too, and all over the apartment actually. Lol. :)

    I hope you are having a great (relaxing) weekend!

  5. Too adorable! Hope you're still enjoying a fabulous weekend, Linda!

  6. Wow! Sometimes I can post on your site, and sometimes I can't! I love Sophie's pose! Pretty fluffy relaxed girl-kitty!

  7. Linda,

    Don't you love when cats sleep like that? They're so exposed and cats are generally cautious about their bellies, but when I see Aggie sleeping upside down, I just sigh and wish I could be her for a few minutes:~)

    Sorry, I've been missing from your is crazy sometimes.

  8. Alexandra- Our animal friends can relax anywhere, any time, unlike us humans.

    Talon- Funny thing is she does that all the time, and not just to look cute either. You can walk into a room where she is by herself and find her lying upside down.

    Linda- She is definitely fluffy (a little overweight) and the queen of upside down. Dood would be the king of upside down. It is a pleasure to see you here again. Puzzled as to why you would be unable to post a comment here.

    Meleah- You got that right!

    Sara- Sometimes I wish I could be a cat too, and shed the chores and worries of human life. On the other hand, life really is good so I shouldn't complain. I have been busy and somewhat absent from blogging myself.


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