Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Did You Say?

What did you say?
Did you ever play the game in school where a phrase is passed down from one kid to another?  When it reaches the last person and he repeats what he heard, "the monkey ate a yellow banana" may sound like "the donkey's name is bandana". Well quite often we have that same experience. 

At dinner last night, it went something like this as I put my plate into the microwave to reheat it (I like my food to be hot).

I said "I want to put a little heat on that".  What hubby heard was something completely different, so while the microwave was running, he repeated what he thought I said.  When the microwave was stopped, I said "What was that about feeding a rat?"  He laughed and repeated himself, "What was that about beating the rap?"

After I cleared up the confusion, he said "I was wondering what you had gotten into while I was at work."  In case you are wondering, we can't blame the microwave for our auditory issues.  This happens with or without interference.

It's amazing how twisted our words can get.  If this happens to you, please share.


  1. Oh, it happens all the time in our house! It makes for good blog fodder :)

  2. As my hearing isn't as good as it used to be, this happens quite a bit at my house. No examples come to mind, but it does happen.

    I also remember the game and how funny the sentence ended up being at the end.

    Have a good week:~)

  3. We used to play the "gossip game" as kids too. I do think there is some of that at our house due to our "aging" hearing. Still...sometimes its pretty funny.

  4. That kind of thing happens constantly here...throw in a mix of French and English on top of that and nobody knows WHAT anybody else is saying!

  5. Love this! You really know how to tell a funny story. Miss you guys so much.

  6. Funny stuff.. and it brings back fond memories of playing what we called "broken telephone."

  7. Babs- Indeed it does make good fodder. You guys crack me up.

    Sara- I think our hearing is fine, but the signal gets scrambled sometimes.

    Cheryl- I tried briefly to find the name of that game. I can't remember what we called it, but it was funny.

    Nicky- I bet it is funny living in a bilingual household.

    Ashley- Thank you! I miss you, too!!!

    Hilary- So y'all called it broken telephone and Cheryl called it the gossip game. Interesting. I shall have to google those.

  8. We used to call that "telephone tag" and it was remarkable how what the original phrase turned in to. It was always a demonstration by teachers of how gossip can spread and change.

    lol @ the rat and the rap!

    Happy Easter, Linda!

  9. Lol! This seems to happen a lot when I talk to my sister, whom I am quite close to. I say something to her and she hears something completely different, which can cause problems from time to time. No idea why this happens though?

    And I do remember that game, we used to play it when I was a child in school as well. :-)


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