Friday, January 18, 2013

First Snow of the Winter

Well, we finally got it.  The white stuff fell for a few hours last night after several days of rain.  While we didn't get a great deal of snow, since everything was saturated from all the rain, hubby's car doors were frozen shut when the temperature fell into the 20s. 

This is what it looked like just before dark last night.  We even had a few rumbles of thunder during the snow.

A snowy sunrise.  The sun shining through the snow covered trees is so pretty.

The snow plow spreading salt.

This is a different view of the pond in our ditch, which was frozen over this morning.

A icy look down the street.

By now the the sun is out bright, the temperatures are rising and the snow and ice will soon be a thing of the past.  A typical snow in our area.


  1. Hi Linda .. love the photos ... it's snowing here - we're going to get away lightly I think .. but elsewhere it's all ground to a halt ...

    Cheers Hilary

  2. I really wish we had some snow already. I'm tired of this unusually warm weather. It's winter and I want my blizzard, dammit!

    These photos are fabulous.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Great pictures. It looks pretty. We aren't getting near the amount that is typical to our area. We have only had one snow this season but it has melted away. I would welcome a big snow storm as long as it is on a day that I don't have to drive somewhere. That's never how it works though.

  4. Lovely photos! We've had snow for a few days now. Suddenly our unusually mild weather disappeared and we are back to normal for January.

  5. Well howdy ho to this super Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the weekend and getting to do some fun family activities! Be sure and put a note in your snood that TEEN WEEK starts Feb 1st on the Makeup University blog with MASSIVE giveaways and celebrity guest blog posts! See you soon!
    Ciao ciao for now!

  6. Hilary- We didn't get as much as other areas. That is typical. Enjoy your snow!

    Meleah- I love snow (winter in general, not so much). Hope you get your blizzard.

    Cheryl- I always preferred weekend snows. No one has to go anywhere.

    Babs - This is a typical winter for this area. If we get 6" in one snow, it's a big one.

    Cherelyn- Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great that you finally got to see the white stuff. :-) I love the sunrise photo and the icy trees with the sun shining on them. Beautiful!

    Take it easy out there on the slippery roads though.

  8. We're still waiting for our first snow of the season. Will it or will'nt it? Only the next 6 weeks or so will tell, as soon the leaves will be sprouting. Yep, around the first of March we generally see the tinges of green pop out.

    Love the pix!


  9. Oh how I wish it would go away near me. I'm good with winter for December and part of January. Now I'm ready to let it go. Last night, it was -3, with a wind chill of -20. As of now, on a partly sunny day (I can see some blue in the sky!) it's 3 degrees out (wind chill -13). It's not supposed to get out of the teens (if we're lucky) all week!

  10. I do envy you. I wouldn't mind a good dusting of snow. Instead, my flowers are confused and blooming:~)

    It's a strange winter, but at least the sun is out and it a lovely day where I'm at.

    Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your snowy day!

  11. Alexandra- Thanks! Fortunately, the slick stuff doesn't hang around too long here.

    Jannie- Do you actually get snow there? I guess it can snow just about anywhere sometime.

    P.J. Thank goodness we don't have those kind of temperatures. Occasionally, it will get to zero or slightly below, but it's rare and usually not windy or snowing.

    Sara- That was typical of most of our snows. I love to 6 inches or more - which would sound strange to my Northern friends and be practically a blizzard to my more Southern friends. So glad I could share my snow with you.


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