Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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What do you do when the inside of your brain is as glum and dreary as the day is outside?  Like all the rain has soaked in and drowned your last two brain cells.  I guess you could sit slumped in front of your computer with your head in your hands, pretending to be "the thinker" until the muscles in your neck permanently freeze into that position, leaving you with much more in common with the thinker than you thought possible. That's way too much thinking!

Or you could do what I do.  Nothing!  Except in telling you about doing nothing, I am actually doing something.  Except that the something is really nothing.  

Now you can see why I have nothing to offer.


  1. I gather it is raining in Winston-Salem? It's dreary here in Kansas City but no rain. We are still very much in a drought.

    I do spend an exorbitant amount of time in front of the computer but still not looking much like "The Thinker". If the time comes that I start looking manish and want to disrobe, perhaps my husband will call an intervention.

  2. It got Seinfeld several seasons on TV.

  3. Cheryl- It seems like it has been raining for days but sometimes it's just gray and gloomy. Rain has been in the forecast all this week with more to come tomorrow, hence the drowned brain cells. Fortunately, I don't look like the Thinker either.

    Frank- Thank you!

    Hilary- I never watched that much. Maybe that's why. ;)

  4. My brother lives in Vancouver, where they get rain something like 2/3 of the year. He swears that the way to stave off the rainy-day blues is to keep active. I know that it probably sounds like lame advice, but it couldn't hurt to try. And your poor neck muscles will thank you! :-)

  5. Sometimes having nothing seems to force us to create something. Just like you did here :)

  6. Ah yes. I totally *get* this. I've been feeling the same exact way, lately.

  7. Nicky- That would be way too much rain for me. Fortunately we were rewarded with some snow.

    Babs- Making something out of nothing...a sure cure. ;)

    Meleah- Here's to better mental weather.

  8. Isn't doing nothing really doing something though? But maybe the "nothing" feels unimportant and therefore like nothing...

    Thoughtful post indeed.

  9. Been there; done that...well not turned into a statute, but certainly felt like it. We went several weeks of gloomy skies. We didn't have the rain, just blue gray clouds.

    Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do. It's learning to ENJOY doing it that is the challenge...that's my two-cents:~)

    Hope the weather is better.


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