Friday, November 30, 2012

Something for Everyone?

Just in time for Christmas, Scotch introduces the stiletto tape dispenser.  Available in other colors and styles.  I guess there is indeed something for everyone!


  1. Ummm nope. ;) I just can't see the connection between shoes and tape.

  2. Hi Linda .. what a great idea - ridiculous .. now we need red tinted sellotape!

    For those with a fetish for stillettos .. or someone just needing something different - not for me .. but I can imagine many falling for one!

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Instead of the box from Scotch I would prefer a bottle of scotch.

  4. I personally don't go ape sh** over stiletto heels but I bet that sells as there seems to be a major crush going on about "all things shoes".

  5. Lol! Looks a bit clumsy for a tape dispenser to me... But, I am sure there are some people who will buy that thing too.

  6. That's so funny!!! I can't imagine buying it because it does look awkward to use, but I bet there are a lot of people who will enjoy the Stiletto tape dispenser.

    I hope life is treating you good:~)

  7. Hilary- I don't get it either, but there is someone out there who does.

    Hilary- I have several blogging friends who have a love of all things heels. Yet still, I don't know whether this would appeal to them or not. It is novel.

    Shawn- You and me both.

    Cheryl- Me either. I am more a flats, tennies or boots kind of gal.

    Alexandra- It doesn't look like it would be very practical for lots of gift wrapping.

    Sara- It looks about as stable as me in heels!


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