Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Holiday Project

Every now and then we start and finish a project.  This is the guest bathroom in my parents' house - otherwise known as the big bathroom when I was growing up.  I've written before that I still have this house, and it has served many purposes since I inherited it.  The most important was when my best friends lived there for a while.  It has provided extra storage, served as a backup when our power was out and is a place we can fix up and maybe move into.

We started Phase I of this project on the Friday after Thanksgiving and the carpet was laid down Tuesday night.  The project consisted first of taking up the toilet and reseating it so that it was level and no longer threatened to unseat its users.  Nothing in an older house is as simple as it should be, but I am pleased at how quickly this came together.

Next we bought a carpet remnant and my handy hubby made a paper pattern and cut it to fit.

After months of seeing the plywood covered by a few throw rugs, here is the nearly completed Phase I.  All that remains is a window treatment and a few decorations.

Phase II will consist of painting the cabinets (built in vanity) which are to the right, and replacing the sinks, counter top and faucets.

Stay tuned for more exciting home renovation projects.


  1. Oh how fabulous! I'm glad the renovations went so smoothly!

  2. Isn't it gratifying when a room gets freshened up. Good for you!!

  3. Oh renovations are fun.. when they go well, that is. I love that turquoise tile.

  4. Hi Linda .. sounds like a Thanksgiving job well done! Cheers Hilary

  5. Meleah- Yeah, there's a first time for everything. ;)

    Cheryl- It is indeed.

    Hilary- The tile is original to the house, built in 1959. A few are cracked and some coming loose, so they will need to be fixed in a future phase.

    Hilary- It turned out very well. I am pleased!

  6. It looks really pretty, I like the green tiles. And it is definitely always very nice to start AND to finish a project. Hehe. ;-)

  7. Wow. Look what you guys did. This is cool. It sounds like this a long term project. Think of this'll never be bored!

    We finally finished our renovations. What a challenge and we had help. You guys are doing this on your own. IMPRESSIVE. Keep us posted on the progress. Eventually, I get pictures up of our changes.

  8. Alexandra- Yeah, it's easy to start projects, it's finishing them that is sometimes another story altogether.

    Sara- Well, it was definitely small scale, but there is a lot to do, so it is easier to set it up in phases. It make the "finishing" part more doable. Looking forward to seeing your pics.


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