Friday, February 17, 2012

The Diner

It had been a long day and their relaxing swim had left Edith and Francine hungry.  "Are you ready?" called Edith from the hallway. 

"Almost.  Just looking for my slip-ons", replied Francine. 

"They're by the door where you left them.  Really, Francine, you are getting absent minded", chided Edith.  So now that we've solved the mystery of the missing shoes, where do you want to eat?"

"How about Mexican?  I heard there's a new place on Channel Road across from the drug store."

"No, that's too heavy.  You know I get heartburn on the travel day if I eat too much", Edith reminded.  How about that little deli on the that closed last year."  I know how about that diner on Main.  That place always has such good food."

"And cheap, too," retorted Francine, "but you're right.  That's another thing that hasn't changed in the last 20 years.  Do you remember the first time we came here?  We ate at the diner nearly every night."

"Of course I do", said Edith quietly.  That was the year Chester passed away, and the year I had gall bladder surgery.  Neither of us felt like fixing meals."

"Yeah, they had the most delicious BLTs.  Why they even had a garden and grew their own tomatoes.  Home grown are so much better than store bought.  I think they do something to those.  They don't even look like tomatoes."

"Those sandwiches were huge, and only $1.25."  You just couldn't beat it."

"That was 20 years ago.  Prices on everything have gone up, but they are still a great value," said Edith.

"Well you always were the frugal one.  Shall we go?"

The sisters drove to the diner to reminisce over juicy tomatoes, smokey bacon and crisp lettuce, the things memories are made of.

When they pulled into the parking lot, they saw that the place was packed.  "Apparently, we aren't the only ones with this great idea," exclaimed Edith.  

Then they saw it, in the window was a banner.  The diner was having a 20th anniversary special...  You guessed it.  BLTs for the long-ago price of $1.25- while supplies last, of course. 

Written for Write on Edge.  You may remember Francine and Edith from The Beach Cottage.


  1. Hi Linda .. great story and how true after a long drive .. Bacon Lettuce and tomato .. always delicious sandwiches - a treat!

    Cheers and have a great weekend .. Hilary

  2. Way to work the prompt, Linda. Excellent!

  3. Totally FABULOUS! And now I want to make myself a BLT for lunch!

  4. Hilary- Glad you enjoyed it. Now for me, I prefer my sandwiches sans tomatoes. A favorite of mine is bacon & cheese w/mayo on toast.

    Jayne- Thank you! These challenges are interesting, and similar to Magpies.

    Meleah- Thank you! Sorry I made you hungry. ;)

  5. Nice job! God don't you wish things were priced the way they used to be? Movies for a dollar? Sandwiches for a buck 25?

  6. This is so eerie! I'm eating a BLT right now. Great story, Linda, and even better timing! :-)

  7. Linda, I loved the sisterly dialogue! And I love that they got to have their BLT's at a special anniversary price :)

  8. Pish Posh- I do except for the fact that wages would probably be what they used to be back then, too. There's always a catch.

    Nicky- Indeed that was great timing. Hope that sandwich hit the spot for you.

    Talon- Thank you. I had some good characters to work with. It's fun to build onto previous stories. You already have something to work with.

  9. I'll make this short and sweet.

    I LOVED THIS STORY:~) Your dialogue is great and it read like eating a BLT...good to the last bite:~)

    p.s. I like that continuing with Francine and Edith!!

  10. Thanks Sara! I tried to maintain the same style of chatter from the first story. They seem like a neat pair of sisters who have a good time together.


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