Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Favorite Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to us!

We're not like everyone else!

But it works for us!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday!


  1. That is so sweet! And I agree with your hubby; who wants a nice normal relationship?!

  2. Nicky- Yeah, who needs normal? I got a big laugh from this card, and that's a great present.

  3. lol - that's a great Valentine's Day card. Hope your day was a beautiful one, Linda.

  4. WOW.. that's the exact card that I gave Frank. :) He got me a nice mushy one. ;)

  5. Sorry I missed getting back here until just now.

    Talon- I laughed out loud on that one - literally. It was great, and so was our Valentine's Day.

    Meleah- And a happy even more belated V-day wish to you!

    Hilary- I guess great minds think alike. I really did laugh because it fits us so well, and it looks as if we are not the only ones it fits. Oh, he gave me a nice mushy one, too.


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