Friday, January 20, 2012

The Golden Rule

The Lego store in the Mall of America
From the Golden Rule to the modern catch phrase "what goes around, comes around", the lesson is the same, and that was the lesson shared once between two kindergarteners.  Alex knew Bobby didn't have many toys, and offered to let him play with his new Lego set.  Both boys felt better about themselves after that.

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. legos are the bomb! love playing legos with my boys...and learning to share is essential...

  2. Thats so sweet...
    I LOVE the MOA!!!!!
    Great lesson learned
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Last year, for Christmas, Max got a Lego set. He was a little young to follow the instructions, so the teens "helped" him. They put the whole set together and played "with" their little brother. You know, so he wouldn't have to play by himself. :-)

  4. That's sweet. My boys loved their Lego. I hated finding one of the pieces with my bare foot. ;)

  5. Thats so sweet! I think legos are loved by all boys big and small. My bf has his eye on a lego set that would run me around 100 dollars- I guess as you get older you get a taste for the pricier sets!

  6. Great story. I love lego, the boxes are packed up waiting for the grandchildren...

  7. Love it. I miss playing with Lego's!

  8. This is a good lesson and a nicely done 55:~)

    I still love Legos. My eldest daughter is a great fan of them. I even gave her a set of Lego's for Christmas this year and she's thirty-three! It was a formula one car. She and her husband like watching those races.

  9. Brian- I can imagine the fun you have. I did not have Legos growing up, but apparently they've been around for a while.

    G-Man- Thanks! Sometimes the best lessons are the simple ones.

    Nicky- What a sacrifice they made to play with their little brother. ;)

    Hilary- Ouch! My best friend's kids love their Legos, too. I understand it's not limited to kids, either.

    cestlavie22- Those larger sets do get pricy. Thanks for stopping by.

    icedgurl- Thank you, and thanks for visiting.

    Anji- They will love them just as much. I get the feeling they are timeless.

    Meleah- I didn't have any Legos, but I did have plenty of stuff.

    Sara- Oh, I guess maybe it's not too late for me.;)

  10. My three were addicted to legos and shared them really well :)

    Loved this 55, Linda. Sorry I'm so late in commenting!


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