Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back in Time

While we were in St. Pete last month, we happened across an old Volkswagen show at Ft. DeSoto.  Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Does this take you back?

Who doesn't love Krispy Kreme doughnuts?  Yum!

It's 2 p.m.  Do you know where your children are?

Move over Smart Cars - Volkswagen is here.

It's Party Time!

These and many more were on display in the parking lot of one of the Ft. DeSoto picnic areas.  People were selling/swapping parts, cooking and eating.  This puts a whole new spin on tailgating.


  1. Oh fun stuff.. and yes, it brings me back. Thanks but I'll pass on the KKs.

  2. Hilary- That's OK, I'll take your share! ;)

  3. I'll say that takes me back. I had a 62 turquoise Bug that I bought in '72. Everyone should own an old VW once in their lives.

  4. That's so cool. It does bring back memories, specifically of a sketchy chasing a friend and I in a Volkswagen looking like this one down a highway. It was pretty creepy.

  5. Amazing shots, Linda! We saw an old VW the other day and it had daisies or yellow and pink all over it. It made me smile just seeing it. I wished I'd had my camera. How cool you got these :)

  6. Jayne- Glad you enjoyed the journey. I've owned 4 cars in my life - a pontiac, a buick, and two oldsmobiles.

    Raajii- I remember riding in an old van with some friends one night. VW - I don't know.

    Talon- Sounds like something right out of the 60s. The show was an unexpected but interesting find. We were just out there to bike.

  7. Hi Linda .. great shots - we have a few around town .. they always amuse me .. cheers Hilary

  8. Hilary- When I was growing up all I saw were Beetles and a van now and then. There are a lot more models than I imagined.

    Meleah- They were cool. Some of them were pretty decked out.


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