Friday, October 7, 2011

The Bubble Bug - Identity Revealed

UPDATE:  Last year I posted a picture of a bug I spotted while walking at Salem Lake.  I'd never seen one like it before, and thought it looked like a bug in a bubble.

While looking up another critter from the insect world, I recognized this as my bubble bug.  

Mystery solved.  It seems the little guy is called a Tortoise Beetle.  While the markings on my beetle aren't identical to the one I found online, tortoise beetles come in many other colors and patterns.

Varieties of the tortoise beetle are found throughout the world.  They are common, and apparently harmless to people.  Agriculturally considered a minor pest, they can attack foliage but rarely cause significant crop damage. 


  1. Fascinating little critter, isn't it? Really amazing things are out there if we just look!

  2. Oh my word! What a cute little creature that is :)

  3. Well, I swear, Linda. I see a new bug every day, whether in real life here in Texas or on Web life with your tortoise beetle. What an amazing-looking little creature! Looks like he's got his clear plastic umbrella ready? :)


  4. I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of bugs, but those are quite pretty. I think it's very cool that you solved your mystery, even if it wasn't intentional.

  5. Hi Linda .. I've never seen one before, nor heard of the tortoise beetle .. quite extraordinary little creature .. isn't he/she/it sweet?!

    Thanks - love knowing these little extras .. enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  6. Linda- Indeed they are everywhere. Some are just prettier than others.

    Babs- Yes, and apparently they come in all colors and patterns. Who knew?

    Jannie- Yeah, that's why I call him my bubble bug. I used to have a clear dome unbrella.

    Nicky- I'm just a fan of the pretty ones (and the useful ones who catch other annoying critters). I am glad to know what it is.

    Hilary- He was the first and only one I've seen. I think there are more different insects here now than when I was growing up. This would have really been a sight back then.

  7. That's one cool looking insect. I'm glad you were able to identify it.


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