Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Who needs breakfast?  That would be me.  Sure that we would find breakfast somewhere along the way, we headed out to zoo and our meeting with Jen, who writes the humor blog, Redhead Ranting.  Unlike where we live, there was not a McDonalds or BoJangles on every corner.  What to do?  We drive and drive...growl.  I can't go to the zoo on an empty stomach.

Just when we were about to give up and just eat whatever we could find at the zoo, we stumbled onto a nice little bagel shop in a shopping center.  A cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with butter, please! just hit the spot.

Now we backtrack to the fairgrounds where we could pick up a shuttle to the zoo.  There is on-site parking, but we had read that is highly recommended to take the shuttle.  They run some wildly decorated buses that leave no doubt as to their destination.  This one is giraffe spotted; the other is a zebra.

They had a posted schedule, and it appeared it would be another half hour, and we barely had time to make our meeting with Jen.  I called to let her know we'd be late, and she offered to pick us up.  About that time another bus pulled in - so much for their schedule.  

It was a short ride to the zoo, even though the bus felt like it had a square tire.

We hung out for a few minutes while Jen and her daughter caught up with us.  Like I said, parking is available, but getting a space isn't always easy.

I gave her a call to tell here where we were waiting, saying I would be the gal wearing a blue top with penguins on it, next to a guy in a blue Hawaiian shirt - what a pair!

Yay, the long-awaited meeting.  Jen is a warm, down to earth lady, who was in "mama mode" that day.  She had her lovely daughter with her, who added an interesting perspective on our activities.  We had a great time looking at the animals and reptiles and watching Sparky the sea lion perform for a packed arena.  It was a picture perfect day, but it began to get hot in the bright sunshine.  
It's lunch time.  There was a decent snack bar with a good selection of the typical zoo foods, burgers, hot dogs, pop corn, nachos and of course, ice cream.  We enjoyed lunch where we talked blogging, compared notes about the differences in our weather, and shared pet stories - hubby and I are never lacking for weird pet stories.

You can only ask so much of an 8-year old, so they left after our visit to the Como Town amusement park.

Afterward, hubby and I walked through the many rooms of the conservatory, a building filled with all sorts of unusual plant life.  This room was filled with ferns of all kinds, including the largest fiddlehead I've ever seen.

It was a lot of fun to meet fellow blogger, Jen, face to face, and enjoy some beautiful Minnesota weather.  There was so much more to see but, alas, not enough time.


  1. Oh wow! You guys got to meet...I wish I could have been there! What a great day! And to be fly on the wall while you talked about blogging!

  2. Hi Linda .. that's great meeting up with Jen and her daughter .. at least you did meet up and had a good look round - enjoyed the fern ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I love that picture of you 3!! See, until today, I thought you were a cat ;-)

    Isn't it great meeting fellow bloggers? For me, it was such a pleasure to talk with someone whose eyes didn't glaze over at the mere mention of the word "blog"!!

  4. Katherine- It was a great day, and even greater to meet Jen in person. I hope someday to meet more of my on-line friends.

    Hilary- We all had a great time, and the zoo/conservatory was interesting. I particularly liked the fern, too.

    Nicky- Thanks. I rarely post any pics of me on-line, but I figured it was appropriate in this case.

    I know what you mean about blogging. Many folks just nod or say they'd like to read it, but never do. Only other bloggers really get what goes into writing one.

  5. I love that you got to meet Jen. She's adorable too! How fun a trip that sounds like. Except for it being hot that is. I would be a melted pool of goo if I went to the zoo in real heat!

  6. You got to meet up with Jen? I'm jealous ;)

    I would so love to meet up with some of my blogger friends, but think I never will, sadly. I don't think I'd ever stop laughing if I did!

  7. Babs- It was great to meet her, and we got on famously. I'd love to meet some more of my bloggger friends someday, too.

  8. Hey, I know what you look like and it's not a gray cat. YEAH!!!

    It sounds like you a lot of fun and meeting a fellow blogger must have been nice.

    I liked the buses, but I imagine the feeling of square tire made you arrived at the zoo.

    So, you know some weird pet stories? Care to share a few at your site. I love to hear them. You already read some of mine.

    Your pictures are lovely. It looks and sounds like a nice trip:~)

  9. sooooooooooooo jealous I can't even type!!

  10. Linda- It was a very fun trip, and it wasn't all that hot. The zoo day was the best weather.

    Sara- Nope, I'm not a cat! ;) We had a great time and a great trip. I'll think about some of my cat stories. We always have interesting felines.

    meleah rebeccah- Hey, you had a nice visit with Nicky. I could tell! ;)
    But really, we did have a fun time at the zoo.

  11. OMG it was so much fun and thank you Linda for putting up with my child!

    The weather was perfect that day though the tops of my feet got pretty sunburnt. We'd had so much rain before Linda and Jim arrived I was sure the weather was going to be horrible. They brought the sunshine with them because it has been hot and sunny ever since.

    It WAS great to talk blog with a real live person, that never happens.

    I'm so glad you came to Minnesota and even though seeing the giraffes get zapped by the electric fence was sad the rest of the trip to the zoo was great!

  12. Jen- We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and I loved getting to talk blog face to face.

    You're right about the giraffes, though. I hate that their habitat is set up to tempt them and then they get zapped for it. Overall, though, it is really a nice zoo.


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