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Saturday, March 8, 2014

What is a Nebelung?

I often told Rosie that they broke the mold when they made him, that he was one of a kind and there would never be another like him. Yes, I do talk to my cats, and we had some interesting conversations in spite of the fact that neither of us knew what the other was saying.

When asked what kind of cat he was, I had no answer.  For years I wondered what his parents might have looked like.  His coloring was that of a Russian Blue, but they were short haired, and his hair was anything but short, and I was among those who had never heard of a Nebelung.  

Quite often Rosie would lay in my lap while I was on the computer, so one night I was sitting there missing him and I Googled "long-haired gray cat with green eyes."  Imagine my surprise when I found this video.

Why hadn't I done this sooner? It's my Rosie right down to his glowing green eyes and silky silver-gray hair. I wish I known this back when we adopted Rosie rather than finding out after he was gone. I always knew he was special, and even though I only saw two other cats that looked like him, I never realized how rare he was in the cat world.  It would have been great to be able to say 'he's a Nebelung'.

He was born in 1997 and considering the breed has only been in existence since the mid 1980s and I only found two Nebelung breeders in the U.S. (neither in my area), he may not have been a purebred, but he definitely had the characteristics and personality of the breed. 

Here's a little history on the origin of the Nebelung.  Siegfried, born in 1984, was the first registered Nebelung.  His parents were a black domestic shorthair named Elsa and a black longhair that resembled an Angora.  Later, Brunhilde was born, and this was the foundation for the Nebelung breed.  The breed standard was written by owner, Cora Cobb, based on the standard for the Russian Blue, with the difference being the coat length.  The name Nebelung comes from the German word nebel, meaning fog or mist.  

Here are more pictures of my "creature of the mist":

This one shows off his magnificent mane.

Look at those eyes!

A little desk time with mama.

It just didn't get any better than this.

I miss you my friend.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quote of the Week

You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.  
- Jonathan Safran Foer 

Rosie - November 3, 2013

I know this statement to be true.  Sometimes those we love most and who bring us the most happiness can also bring us the most sadness.  That they aren't always human doesn't matter, the love is still the same.  Isn't that worth it?
A lot has happened since my last post.  I put together this quote last Monday but couldn't bring myself to publish it. 

Rosie and me
Early on Sunday morning, November 3, I said a tearful good-bye to Rosie, my constant companion for the last 16 years.