Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Sophie's Choice

It looks like Sophie has found a new place to catch up on her beauty sleep, or maybe she's planning to help me with the laundry.   What do you think?

She was just starting to get down when I snapped the picture.  
I guess I spoiled her nap. 


  1. Oh. I do hope you are not waiting for her to help, lol. She may be a while. If we leave the bedroom door open our new puppy likes to sleep in my pile of dirty clothes. I find that odd since it's only my clothes that attract her

  2. I would be waiting a long time. The cats like to sleep on clothes that we've worn and left on the bed - doesn't matter whose. Must be that eau de human.

  3. That looks like a really cozy place to sleep. My cat has a thing for sleeping in the laundry basket. I bring up the clean clothes to fold, get distracted for a few minutes and she has already made her bed in them and is fast asleep, or pretending to be asleep.

  4. Cats suss out the warmest and cosiest places to sleep, don't they?

    Sophie soooo sweet!

  5. What a sweetie! I would have just let her nap and done the laundry another time! My cat Smokey has most of his best sleep in my closet. People think I wear a lot of fur. (I don't tell them it's cat fur.)

  6. Jen- In all the years we've had cats, all 23+ (years, not cats), they continually find new places. I found one under the covers of a bed, and the bed was made at the time. I thought, gee I left the blanket bunched up under there. No, it was a cat. Another found a freshly washed basket of clothes. The top item was a T-shirt with a cat picture on it.

    Talon- They sure do (see above). The girls are particularly adept at that skill. She is definitely her daddy's girl. As were all the female cats we've had. Rosie is mama's boy, and Dood is an equal opportunity cat.

    Linda- Yes she is quite the prize. She has a favorite spot in a coat/misc. closet. I put a towel in there for her. She also likes the clothes closet. We have shelves on the side for hubby's jeans and T-shirts. She like to get back in there. We have plenty of cat hair with 3 cats in here.

  7. Linda,

    I loved this picture. Aren't cats funny?

    I find my cat, Aggie, in the strangest places sleeping. I can't tell how many times she's been shut in the linen closet because she sneaked in as I was getting something and then went to sleep. Hours later, I open the door and find her peacefully sleeping:~)

  8. Cats find the most interesting places to nap, don't they? Gotta love them. :)


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