Friday, January 7, 2011

Orbit Interrupted

On a daily flight around the sun, I paused to consider what would happen if all remaining flights were canceled, and we were stuck in this moment in time forever.  Doing exactly what we're doing now.   A scary thought, don't you think.  Let this be a reminder to do what you enjoy. Happy New Year!

 Written for Friday Flash 55


  1. So very true, Linda...and a neat perspective. For a moment I imagined spaceships :)

  2. Sitting alone in my Boxers?
    Could be worse I guess...
    Loved your 55 Linda.
    If it makes you think, it's Great!
    Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

  3. Well at least I'm online blogging- but if I got stuck on just one page- or were stuck SITTING- God forbid! Great thought, Thanks!

  4. This is totally cool! And, yeah, a little scary!

  5. Katherinez@aol.com1/07/2011 10:35:00 AM

    Do we get free airline food and headphones? Haha! This is a good reminder to get yourself out of a rut if you find things are same old same old... I need to be reminded of this a lot!

  6. Maybe hit the playback button.
    Yes life would be a bit different

    Thanks for the 55

  7. If our little spaceship stopped, I think we would fly off into the vacuum and explode. Great 55.

  8. Thought provoking 55er, an interesting way to start the new year,,, although what if?

    Nice 55er,


  9. I love this! Scary and sort of exciting at the same time.

  10. I would be forever commenting on blogs. For all eternity. Yikes.
    A good 55 and a turn from the norm.
    Thanks for the shiver.

  11. Talon- Thanks. At least we're not being abducted!

    g-man- What can I say? Glad you liked it.

    izzy- T'would be a bad situation. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Mama Zen- Thanks. I'm hoping it doesn't happen.

    Katherine- Get out of that rut now, ya hear.

    gautami tripathy- Indeed! Yours was cool, too.

    moondustwriter- Life would be different, dull, monotonous. No matter, 55s are fun!

    Monkey Man- Thanks. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

    joanny- Thanks. Just saying you should like what you're doing...

    Linda- Thank you! Yeah, my mind was moving in mysterious ways late last night.

    Yvonne Osborne- I guess there are worse things to be doing. Glad you liked it.

  12. It does make you stop and think. Now I think I don't want to organize my kitchen. Thanks.

  13. Jen- That would be bad to be stuck in perpetual kitchen organization. I think you're safe, though, I'm pretty sure the world will keep spinning.

  14. Wow! Talk about thought provoking. Time to get the camera ready and head out on another photo safari! Thanks for helping put things into perspective.

    I wonder if I should quit my job? Probably not, I still have to eat.

  15. Tarheel Rambler- I didn't realize how thought provoking this would be when I wrote what I thought was just a piece of nonsense. Oh, and don't quit your job just yet, but do keep up the photo safaris.

  16. Linda,

    I love the picture and your thoughts about being stuck in time were very appropriate and a good reminder to "do what you enjoy!"

    You could a post on this and ask people if they got in stuck in time what moment of their lives to date would like best and what moment would they like the least. It'd be interesting to see how people respond:~)

  17. Sara, thanks. Isn't it interesting what comes out of one's head late in the evening? That is actually a picture of my hubby. We'd gone for a walk and he was taking a picture with his phone, and I took a picture of him. Photographically, it's not very good. It just seemed to fit this post.


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