Monday, April 14, 2014

Quote of the Week

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.  
- W. Earl Hall

Beretta (a.k.a. the Stalker Kitty)
The lovely Beretta, from next door, is modeling our quote today.  She is blissfully unaware that she is laying on an ant nest.  Rest assured she has too much residual kitten energy to hold that position for long.


  1. That is one adorable stalker! Don't you just want to kiss that neck and belly?

    Great quote, also.

  2. What a sweet picture. I hope the ants aren't the biting kind.

  3. Right now, it's 4:03PM EST and I'm supposed to be someplace at 5:00PM. But here I am...and I'm so glad I stopped by because this picture and your explanation cracked me up. It's worth being late to have a good laugh. How long did it take before Beretta became aware of her precarious nap place?

  4. Mama Zen- Just not on an anthill. ;)

    Hilary- Well not on this particular cat. She's sweet, but she will seriously scratch you.

    Cheryl- Unfortunately, I've never known an ant that wouldn't bite.

    Sara- She's a mess, and she was just rolling around on the ground and I was lucky to get this shot. She was too nosy about what I was doing to stay still.

  5. Brenda- She is pretty, isn't she? She lives next door, but spends a fair bit of time over here. She didn't stay like that very long. I just got lucky with the shot.


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