Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Pretty Face

I took a picture of Sophie.
I'm so pretty!

Then I applied the brush stroke technique
in Paint Shop Pro.
I could be a painting.
This gives it an Impressionist look.
Isn't she lovely?


  1. Babs- Sophie says Thank You!

  2. That she is. It's fun playing with pictures, isn't it. I like what you did with this one of Sophie. I also the quilt once you applied the brush stroke. It makes it look like she sitting in a bush of flowers:~)

  3. She is a beauty. Long haired tortie?

  4. Sara- It was fun! I wish I could paint like that.

    Hilary- Thanks! Yes, long-haired torties. Sophie is our third. Missy was a tortie with a white hour glass on her tummy, and Molly was a dilute tortie - both with beautiful long hair and fluffy tails. There are pictures of both on my cat page.

  5. All stunners, Linda. One of my old girls (long departed at 17) was a short-haired tortoise shell. She was one of the sweetest creatures on the planet. Gentle, loving and smart. And a scamp. The question vets asked me through the years though was if she was ill tempered. It seemed to be the common consensus that torties are generally unpleasant cats. Topaz couldn't have been a more pleasant cat as far as her disposition goes. I wonder if you've heard or experienced that with torties in general? By your descriptions, it wouldn't appear so.

  6. Hi Linda ... she is pretty enough without being altered! But you're right .. there's a touch of Impressionism there isn't there ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Hilary- Sophie accepts the compliment, but then she knows she's pretty [rolls on back and stretches].

  8. She really IS lovely. I just wanna give her a cuddle. All that lovely fur to pet.

    Does she love to be petted?

  9. Brenda- She is soft and furry with a large fluffy tail. She loves attention, but she's not a lap cat. Dood is the snuggler now. Rosie was a snuggler/lap cat.


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