Saturday, April 19, 2014

In the Oven?


Dood's in the oven again!  There is a small table in front of the heat vent that forms a perfect little spot to collect the heat.  We call this the oven, and it is one of Dood's favorite spots during the winter.  I know it's because it is warm and toasty in there when the heat runs. During a warm spell when I switched to air conditioning, he chose other cozy spots. When the temperature dropped this week and I turned the heat on again, he gravitated back to the table. 

I wanted to get a good picture of him in there, so I put the camera on the floor and just as I pushed the button, Sophie walked by. Instead of a botched picture, I thought it was an interesting perspective.


  1. Ha.. cats are furry little heat-seeking missiles. Dog's too. Up at Frank's family cottage, there's an old heater on the wall, with a swivel chair in front of it. In spring and autumn, we'll warm the place up a bit with it and Benny will gravitate to that chair. We call it his Magic Wall. Cute photos, Linda.

  2. Thanks Hilary. They do love the warmth. We had an outside cat some years back that would lay in the driveway in the sun on the hot gravel.

  3. Ahhhhhh... we loved that supposed botched photo. Kitty cats are true heat seekers. They know a good thing.

    Purry wishes,

  4. Brenda- They can find all warm spots whether it's a heat vent or the sunshine.


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