Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Colombians

It is day 18 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is Liars.  Truth or lies?  Check out WWFC for the facts.

Agent Shore sat as his desk, a phone in one hand and a cup of strong, black coffee in the other.  This case was eating at him.  "I've questioned every man, woman and chimpanzee. I've turned over every stone from here to hell and back, and no one knows anything.  Just a bunch of liars!  Somebody knows something and I'm gonna find out."  Sometimes Charlie got a little dramatic when a case got down into his soul.

"Who you talking to Charlie" asked his partner.

"Hey Alex.  I'm still digging through the evidence from that crash, but it's just not adding up. I've got boxes of files, dozens of transcripts, including the black box.  Feel like jumping in," he asked?  "Two heads and all....  I know I'm missing something.  I'll order some lunch.  Feel like Chinese?

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"Yeah, I'm in and Chinese is fine...make sure you get some of those hot peppers.  And get some extra fortune cookies too...I've got a date tonight," quipped Alex.  

"Okay, let's get down to business.  What do we know?"  Charlie got them back on track.

"Well, we've narrowed it down to two intended targets.  Tomas and the pilot, what was his name? Rafael?  Raul?  Whatever...who assigned him to this flight? Terrorist plot?

"Maybe it's a terrorist attack but I don't think the pilot was involved and I think Manuel was just plain lucky.  No, Tomas was going to work on some contracts so we need to find out who he was dealing with.  Maybe someone wanted those negotiations to fail."

"So, we're going to Colombia, huh Charlie?"  It was more of a statement than a question.


"What about my date?" complained Alex.

"What did the fortune cookie say?"

"Congratulations! You are on your way"

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  1. On your way away from date night to NO date night, that is!!

  2. I guess hot peppers will have to substitute for a hot date.

  3. Sigh. I bet there will be a lot of liars in Columbia!

  4. Aww, poor Alex! Never let Columbia get in the way of a hot date, I say.

  5. There are hot dates in Columbia too, Linda. Lots and lots of hot dates. Alex will be fine.

  6. Hot peppers and extra fortune cookies? I wonder what kind of a date he had, exactly! :-)

  7. Katherine- Yep, bye-bye date night.

    nonamedufus- Business comes first...so sad.

    ReformingGeek- I'm sure they have their work cut out for them.

    Margaret- Charlie is the Sr. partner and he's a tough taskmaster.

    Linda- As long as their not suspects.

    Nicky- I think he wanted the fortune cookies to see how fortunate he would be.

  8. Fortune cookies and ever-deepening intrigue. I'm into it.

  9. KZ- Thanks! Wonder what will happen next?

  10. There's so much humor in the segment of the story. I loved the ending. It was perfect and you led us perfectly into it:~)

    Well written, Linda and I'm on to next!

  11. Hey! This is fun!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Did you read them all? They do make more sense that way.


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