Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alligator's Anonymous

It is day 19 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is Tastes Like Chicken.  Now fly on over to WWFC for more tasty treats.

"Hi, my name is Albert, and I'm an alligator."

"Hi Albert!  Would you like to tell us a little about yourself and what brings you here?"

"I don't taste like chicken.  I hate it when people compare me to a such a fowl creature."  
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"You tell it Albert.  Let it all out!"

Albert continued.  

"I am strong and powerful, and I eat chickens.  I will not be compared to the likes of those scrawny-legged wimps.  They are just...well, chicken. Where do you think the phrase chicken-hearted comes from."  

Clapping and cheers errupted from the others which validated Albert's feelings. 

"Whoo...You go Albert...Yeah!"  

So what else can you find when you Google "tastes like chicken"?   

Behold!  A band named Tastes Like Chicken.

Click here for the full clip.

Edit:  Sorry, they made the video private.  Too bad it was great music.


  1. I hate to tell the alligator,but he does taste a tiny bit like chicken. Except fishier. And swampier. And stronger. But whatever the alligator says, I will agree with. He is not one to be fighting with.

  2. I've seen alligators in swamps. I wouldn't talk to one or eat one either. They scare me to death!

  3. What a giggle:~) I liked the alligator story a lot, especially how he didn't like being compared to "those scrawny-legged wimps." LOL

    The cartoon was cute, as well. And Google is amazing -- you can find anything on it. What did we do without it?

    BTW I dedicated my latest story to you. I know I've been a disappointment lately, given the tone of my stories. Hopefully, this one will restore the balance.

    Do try to rest your fingers and your mind. How many more days do you have?

  4. That group is great They taste more like The Commitments, though.

  5. Hee Hee. Cute. That alligator has a good sense of self and he won't have to worry about me eating him!

  6. Malisa- I've eaten alligator, and didn't think it tasted like chicken, but that may be the prep and seasonings. When we were in Louisiana, we toom a swamp tour which included a walk around the "back yard" where there were a lot of alligators. They gave us our first sample. Yum!

    Linda- I've both eaten and fed them.

    Sara- Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my story and the cartoon. I thought that was cute. Thanks for dedicating a story to me. But you have not, in any way, been a disappointment. You were spreading your writing wings and that is a good thing. It is just that it is so different that it catches folks by surprise.

    The challenge runs through the last day of Feb. I'm hanging in there.

    nonamedufus- I had never heard of them, obviously, since they're not in my area, but I really liked them too.

    ReformingGeek- Does that make you chicken? ;)

  7. "Tastes like me" ha ha ha ha!!! What a great idea... I loved this. I had alligator once in Florida and it was inedible... way overcooked.. chewy... just like chewing rubber. NASTY!

  8. I once had alligator in New Orleans and it definitely didn't taste like chicken. It somewhere between seafood and something else though.

  9. I am somewhat squeamish about what I eat so I guess, I will never know if alligator tastes like chicken or not. BUT...I loved your post. Very funny.

  10. I have to say that alligator really didn't taste a whole lot like chicken when I tried it. I agree with what Mike said, actually. It tasted a little bit like seafood.

  11. Katherine- All the alligator I've had has been yummy. Sorry yours wasn't.

    Mike- Nope, doesn't take like chicken.

    Cheryl- Ah, too bad. It's tasty.

    KZ- Especially when it's cajun seasoned and fried. Oh yum!


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