Monday, February 17, 2014

Quote of the Week

It is day 17 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is I faked it.  Check out WWFC to see who else faked it.

Being positive isn't about faking it. It's just about being grateful for what you have and letting your light shine. - unknown

Genuine positivity is not something you fake, it is the product of gratitude and inner joy which is where your light comes from.  So be grateful, let your light shine and you will never have to say "I faked it".


  1. I really don't know what to say. And I didn't want to fake it. So...

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL thing to read on a tired Monday morning!!!

  3. nonamedufus- That's OK, I appreciate your honesty.

    Katherine- So glad I could brighten your day.

  4. Amen to this, sister! These are words I live by every single day.

  5. If it only were so easy..

  6. That is very true! I sometimes have to work at keeping myself positive, but being grateful is the key.

  7. Ah, how nice. The gratefuls have it, indeed.

  8. Jayne- Good advice to be sure.

    Ziva- Sometimes it's harder than others.

    Malisa- Yeah, but it's worth it.

    ReformingGeek- Yes, they do!

  9. It's posts like this that make a great counterpoint to the endless cynicism that you encounter on a daily basis. Thanks for this, Linda.


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