Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Meet Eli's Mother

Do you remember Eli, the awkward, slightly clumsy, but well meaning guy who got a busted nose and and bruised ego when Judy punched him out?

Well, that night he had an encounter like nothing he had ever imagined.  All the strange dreams came to life and the truth was revealed.  "He will be all right now" she had said.

"What did she mean by that" he asked himself time and again.  He didn't feel any different.  He didn't look any different. When he mentioned it to Paul, he laughed and said Eli must have a short circuit. 

Now every night he goes to bed hoping for a glimpse into that other world and every morning he awakes, his questions still unanswered.  "What did she mean?"

He and Paul are heading to the bar after work.  Yes, that bar, you know, old habits and all...

They grab a couple stools, order their beers and start checking out the eye candy.  "There's a looker" said Paul as he nodded to a raven-haired beauty with scarlet lips.  

Photo courtesy of Magpie Tales
Eli said "Good luck there, friend", as Paul sauntered over.  Eli grinned, "This I've got to see" as he made his way over to where Paul was trying to gain favor with the lady.

 "Hi, my name's Paul.  What's yours?"

She replied politely, "My name is Alexandria di Ravenelli, but you may call me Princess."

"Well, I'm pleased to meet you Princess.  I must say the name fits" replied Paul smoothly.

"Oh, but you are mistaken" she responded with a royal air, "That is not my name, but my title."  

"What is that like 'Miss America'?" Paul was a bit discombobulated, and it was Eli's turn to laugh.  The tables were turned and Paul was about to get his comeuppance.

"No", she replied frostily, "I am a Princess among my people."  

As Paul stared, trying to digest this, slowly it dawned on Eli.  This wasn't just any Princess who happened into this bar.  Besides whoever heard of a Princess going bar hopping anyway.  No, this was his mother.  "Whoa" he said, "This is all wrong.  What are you doing here?"

Now Paul was really confused.  "You know her?" he squeaked.

"Why yes, as a matter of fact I do" said Eli, trying to cover his own discomfiture.

"Come Eli" called the Princess as she arose in a swirl of black silk and lace.  As they left, all eyes were on Eli and the beautiful woman on his arm.  She was right, he thought later.  He would be all right now...and from then on Eli had a date every weekend.

He never told Paul that the Princess was his mother, and that was his way of getting even for all the laughs and snide comments. 

Written for Magpie Tales #196.  Click on the links below if you would like to read Eli's adventures up to this point.

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  1. Quite the Magpie fairy tale! Cheers ....

  2. What a nice read! I am so pleased that Eli finally had success and that it was his mother who assisted him.

    I love this line: ""What is that like 'Miss America'?" Paul was a bit discombobulated..." I like the Miss America and the use of the word 'discombobulated.' I use it all the time, but you don't see in writing very often. It's a FUN word!

  3. I found this fascinating, a magical Steve stiffler .....this great sea is indeed Our Mother......

  4. Chuckles! I like the ending. That's a clever twist! Good one Linda!


  5. Helen- Thanks!

    Sara- Isn't that a great word! Sometimes it really hits the nail on the head. Glad you enjoyed the story. I like it when i can develop my characters.

    Kutamun- Thank you. Steve stiffler? I'll have to look that up.

    Tess- Glad you liked it.

    kaykuala (Hank)- The fun part is that I don't know where the story is going until I get there.


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