Monday, December 9, 2013

Quote of the Week

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. - Buddha

Whenever we selflessly do for others, it is reflected back, giving us a warm feeling and a brighter day.  As Christmas approaches, let's light some lamps and share the warmth.


  1. Thanks Jayne.

    Meleah, yes, and it's age-old wisdom too.

    Babs, a lamp lit is a light shared.

  2. What a lovely reminder during this hectic and often aggressive(!) time of year.

  3. I liked what Nicky said and how she used the words "aggressive time of year!" So TRUE.

    This is a great quote for this time of year. A reminder we feel better when we give more than when we receive.

    I try to remember to smile and always say "thank you" to the people working during the holidays. They are often so harried by busy and frantic people this time of year. So, even this small kindness goes a long way:~)

  4. Nicky- Aggressive, don't get me started. I avoid the mall at this time of year if I can. Too many kiosks with people all wanting to look at your hands or spray you with something. No thanks!

    Sara- I like a more laid back Christmas without all the hassle. I try to get everything done so I can just chill.


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