Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is it a Blintz or a Crepe?

It is day 14 of the 30 minus 2 days of writing hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese. Today's prompt is "Where can I find a good blintz". Visit Nicky's post to see who's still hanging in, and where they go for a blintz.

This is the Sweet Sage Cafe in North Reddington Beach, FL.  We found this place last fall, and from the road it looks like a tiny little place, but there's plenty of seating inside plus a gift shop chock full of souvenirs, jewelry and pretty knickknacks.

The patio is even more quaint with signs, decorations and figurines everywhere.  They are open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, and the food is very good.

I'd never had crepes before.  I know you're asking how could anyone not have had crepes.  I like to try new things, especially while I'm on vacation, so when I spotted them on the menu I jumped at the opportunity.  I chose the banana & coconut, and they were warm with creamy filling and tasty toppings.  Hubby and I split this for breakfast.

Now from what I've read there is very little difference between crepes and blintzes.  However, since these are crepes, I can't tell you where to get a good blintz.  But I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed my first crepes, and highly recommend them, and the Sweet Sage Cafe.  It would be a lovely place for a Valentine's Day Brunch...if it just weren't so far away.


  1. It seems crepes are non-filled blintzes. Well, at least that's what I'm saying. :)

  2. My wife often makes crepes and we fill them with fruit and pour maple syrup on them. Yum.

  3. Oh wow, those look amazing!

  4. Damn, damn, damn! I'm here after P.J, Dufus and Ziva again! There'll be nothing left for me! And I tell you, Dufus INHALES his food... Indigo

  5. Yummy, yummy...I'll takes those crepes any day and that shop looks like so much fun:~)

  6. After looking at all these pictures of blintzes and crepes, I'm starving! Dang!

  7. Those look amazing! And the cafe looks absolutely charming. Lovely pics, Linda.

  8. OH MY WORD! I want one of EVERY of those!!!

  9. So I guess blintzes are just pretentious crepes riding a technicality. That's what I'm going with.

    That crepe in the picture truly looks amazing.

  10. P.J. Well, the menu called them crepes and they were filled and they were yummy!

    nonamedufus- You have a good wife. I make waffles. ;)

    Ziva- They were!

    Indigo- I'm sure I can get them to make up some more.

    Sara- It was quaint and fun, and the food was very good.

    Meleah- Sorry!

    Paula- This prompt is having that effect on a lot of us.

    Nicky- It was, can't wait to go back.

    Katherine- I'm ready for seconds, too. Next trip, I guess.

    KZ- They were yummy!

  11. The filling sure made it sounds like the blintzes I grew up enjoying (Jewish household in Montreal) but they were typically served with sour cream. I'm all for adding the toppings and calling them crepes though. Just bring them on!


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