Friday, August 31, 2012

Web Wonder

There was a lot of fog yesterday morning which served to highlight the busy night had by the spiders in our yard.  Here are just a few.

 All of these are different webs.

Some in the trees.

Some in the middle of the yard.

Some in mid air tied to the ground with long lines. 

It looked like we were surrounded.

I wonder if I can break free?

A lot of work went into building all these webs.  
See up close how they do it.


  1. Webs are so amazing. If it wasn't for the fact that spiders are involved, I would say I find them beautiful. (big spiders scare me esp. the ones that have the markings of a Black Widow)

    Thats rather amazing how many webs are in your area.

  2. The sure do fine work. As did you in capturing this art.

  3. Cheryl - While I will admit that some spiders are creepy (inside). Out in the yard where they are out of the way (I hate walking through a web), they are doing us a service of keeping some of the annoying pests down. These were just some of what was in our yard. I imagine they are there more often than we notice since these were enhanced by the fog.

    Hilary- They do, and they work hard at it night after night. As long as I don't accidentally find a web, I'm fine with the extermination service they provide.

  4. Hi Linda .. spiders' webs are amazing aren't they ... I love those dewy mornings - I'd prefer them hot and not with that chill in the air ..

    Nature is incredible .. cheers Hilary

  5. That video is amazing. Webs are beautiful. Unfortunately I hate the inhabitants. I've known them stretch their web right across our garden. I don't know how they do that, but in the spider season I don't go out there. The garden belongs to them in the autumn :)

  6. Really beautiful. Some look like delicate lace. And the work! Can't say I've ever met a lazy spider.

  7. Hilary- It was a pleasant but foggy morning which made us notice the webs. We haven't had anything resembling a chill for a long time.

    Babs- I'm not too fond of them indoors, outside their fine as long as I don't get tangled up in their webs. Yeah, that does happen sometimes.

    Jayne- They are most definitely not lazy. All the webs that morning represented many hours of work.

  8. Wow! Those are absolutely stunning captures of spider webs. I really like the first two photos, because the web is so big and has so many drops on it.

    Nature truly is the best place to get lost in with a camera. So much beauty everywhere. :-)


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