Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beyond the Window

Big Room, 1948, by Andrew Wyeth
Beyond the window he could see her sitting in the garden.  A sad look clouded her sweet face.  He wanted so much for her...would give her the world if he could, but she did not want it.  She never wanted this.  The large house, the servants, the driver who would take her anywhere she wanted to go. Still she felt like a prisoner in her own home.  Long hours spent staring at the clock upon the mantle while she waited for him to return.  He knew she wasn't happy, and hadn't been for a long time.

If we can just make it through the next few years, he would tell her, then things will be different.  Ah, but she had heard that all before. 

As she sat on the bench beside the pond she felt him watching her as she watched the goldfish.  She turned toward the window and pasted a smile upon her face.  She knew he tried.  He knew he failed.  He knew she would be better off without him.  She knew she could never leave.

What happened next would free them both...

Written for Magpie Tales.


  1. what? what? what happens next
    and why does he leave her so long
    maybe she needs a .....

  2. I'm with Suz! What did haooen next? Oh, I know . . she gets up and starts . . . .

  3. Oh the intrigue. It was a...

  4. Suz- That leaves the door open for future installments, or your own imagination.

    Lucy- I haven't found out what happens yet.

    Hilary- Yes indeed. This gives me something to build on.

  5. What a lovely, haunting, and intriguing tale. More, please!

  6. Okay. I admit I've visited for some time, but this is unfair! I do hope you plan to continue this story.

    The mood is well done -- it drew me in and I wanted to know more about these characters. Why can she never leave? What does he do that keeps him away for so long?

    More, please?

  7. Whilst appreciating what is here I really really want to know more about what isn't!

  8. Jayne- Thank you! I may come up with more later. I like to think that my characters tell the story, and that's all I got at the time.

    Sara- We'll see. My characters don't always give me the whole story to start. I still need to do another chapter in the Rose Garden series.

    guatami tripathy- Thank you!

    Trellissimo- Me too!


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