Friday, June 15, 2012

In the First Place

Written for the 30-day creative writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  Today's prompt is First Place.  This is the 15th outrageously entertaining day of this challenge.  Check out the Linky at WWFC for more winning stories.

I am struggling a bit with today's prompt.  Taking first place, winning contests, competitions, sports, spelling bees are not things I ever did.  While other kids were joining teams and taking lessons, I was playing outside in the yard by myself or with my family.   There aren't any awards for that.

However there were rewards.  I was an only child, and so my parents were my best friends.  Sure, there were some neighborhood kids, but most were boys and somewhat older than me.  This made our family really close.  We played badminton, kickball, grilled out (that's a barbeque for some of you), had picnics and had lots of fun.  These things were worth more than taking first place in any competition.

First place had another meaning.  Mom would occasionally use it when I should have done something differently, or that the outcome would have been different, if I had I listened to her "in the first place".

Now I leave you with a few contenders for my choice of first place.  First, may I present my hubby, who has survived over 25 years of marriage to yours truly.  That is no small feat to be sure.  You see he brings home the bacon and I eat it.

My wonderful hubby

And in the snuggle-bunkins category, we have three fabulous felines.  While they are all friends, what you probably won't see is Sophie and Dood in a snuggle like this.

Rosie and Sophie
Rosie and Dood
To me they are all winners, which makes me the biggest winner of all.


  1. What an extraordinary post! It's so full of love and contentment! I too had a problem with this prompt. But in the important things, it's nice when we win!

  2. My mother also used that term, "In the first place..." And I do, too. Your hubby is certainly a handsome fellow. He's got very kind eyes, especially. Now Dood, on the other hand. LOL! Could he be anymore annoyed?

  3. I like what you did with "the first place." You gave a great interpretation and talked about what's really important in life.

    Love the kitties!

  4. Well I think that makes you a real winner :)

    I am a bit lost with all these 'sporty' posts. The UK is not really a sporty country.

  5. An excellent look at what first place really can be. Nicely done!

  6. What a lovely post. Your felines are so cute. (can you tell I am a cat lover!) Very cute.

  7. Linda- Thank you! Many of the prompts are stretching my writing. I've always found it harder to write real life stuff than fiction or poetry.

    Jayne- In most cases, Mom was right. I'll make sure he reads the comments. He does have nice eyes. About Dood, he is a very laid back fellow who adores Rosie. I hadn't noticed his look - I think he must have been looking at me take the picture. He never seems to get annoyed at Rosie, unless maybe when Rosie is biting his neck (it is an affection thing, not mean).

    Tina- There are no better trophies than those of the heart and home.

    Babs- It certainly does, and what better to write about since I don't do the sporty thing.

    P.J.- Thank you!

    Cheryl- Thank you. The cats are unpaid (unless you consider cat food) models in a lot of my posts.

  8. This is really sweet, Linda. I agree with Jayne about your husband. He is a handsome fella, with a very gentle aura to him. And Rosie is the real snuggle-bunkin, isn't he? I love the way he "hugs" Dood and Sophie!

  9. I loved your unique take on "first place", Linda. I heard my Mom's voice tucked inside your Mother's :)


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