Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mystery Man

I found him in the Ladies Room last night.  What do you think his story is?

Hey Lady!
Can you see me?
 Where am I?
How did I get here?


  1. Hi Linda .. I think I'd rather not think about it .. looks distinctly unsavoury to me .. Cheers Hilary

  2. That's creepy. It looks like a psychotic cat with a Bart Simpson hair-do.

  3. Hilary- Oh, I'm sorry. That's not what I intended. I love to find interesting faces in the grains of wood. I think he's rather alien looking.

    Jayne- I can sort of see the resemblance. I'll admit it is a strange picture.

    Meleah- I wonder if anyone else has noticed this alien lurking in the ladies room?

  4. That is a little creepy, but I like a little creepy so it's cool. Where was this taken?

  5. He's trapped in the wood. He was put there by a mean and nasty wizard for standing up to him. You see everyone was afraid of this wizard, but if this man is released, the bad wizard will die.

    A friendly wizard told me the only chance for this man and freedom from the mean wizard are the repetition of following words.They must be spoken aloud three times and in this exact order:

    Ethos, pithos, mithos
    Let the man become free
    Zimba, rimba, mimba
    These words are the key

    So, it's simple you see.

    Really cool picture, Linda:~)

    I've missed visiting you.

  6. I think he's kind of cute.. .like a wooden Frosty the Snowman.. ish. :) Cute find!

  7. Nicky- I am glad you think he's cool. It was taken in the ladies room inside a stall. The doors were wood with some slats. On the solid wood piece I saw this face, and just had to get a picture. Thank goodness for phones with cameras.

    Sara- I love your story. That is a great explanation of his situation. Let's hope some kind soul says the incantation and frees him and hope he doesn't get arrested for hanging out in the ladies room. I've missed your stories and visits, too.

    Hilary- I hadn't thought about Frosty. I guess I can see it, top hat and all. He didn't seem all that scary, just strange.

  8. Perhaps if you give him a kiss he'll turn into a handsome Prince. Though he might have some explaining to do if it's a busy Ladies Room.

    ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for nearly two years.

  9. Linda, I agree with Jayne -- it does look like a psychotic cat with a Bart Simpson hairdo :-)

    I feel humour around this... like a giggle being held, waiting to explode into hearty laughter.

  10. Anji- I'll check next time and see if he's still there. If not, I'll know what happened. ;) I'm sure he would cause a stir.

    Davina- I love finding faces in the wood. It's interesting to see what everyone comes up with.


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