Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss Molly

If you ask me about any of my feline friends, I would say he or she is or was just the sweetest thing.  These are the words of a true cat lover.  Yet they are all different.  Each cat is a unique entity with his or her own special personality.  Each has their own way of bonding with the people they share their homes with.  That's right, nobody truly owns a cat.  They let us live with them.

This was Molly.  She was a very special lady, long and slender with a tail to make any cat proud.  Molly came to live with us when she was 3 1/2 years old.  Her story is told in more detail here.

1998 - 2007
As you see, she liked to help me at the computer.  I would be sitting there working on something, oblivious to the world, and feel this tap on my leg..."Hi Mama".   Other times she would just launch straight to the back of my chair.  I would be startled, but she never missed.  This was her way of bonding with me.  It was our special thing.

Like most cats, she liked the high places, and would frequently be found sitting on top of the bookcase.

I'm on top of the world.

Am I not just the sweetest thing ever?

We miss you, Molly!


  1. Awww she was indeed a beauty. I know exactly what you mean about each having their own special way of bonding. Even the ornery ones.. I had one of those and I loved her to pieces.

  2. She was a beautiful cat, but you don't need me to tell you that. She looks very learned on top of the bookcase.

  3. We've had so many cats over the years and every one had/has a different personality. All with individual ways of showing affection (and receiving it).

    The only thing all of our cats have had in common is that none of them have ever liked high places. The highest any of them go, is the back of the sofa. Of course that could be due to the fact that most of our furniture is low :)

  4. The sweetest, indeed! I can't use that word to describe Lola, though, not while she regularly tries to kill me. :-)

  5. what a gorgeous sweet cat- we miss all our kitties- right now we have a difficult cat Lucy. A somewhat feral stray she loves us but sometimes strikes out-why I don't know....she is strictly indoors as she would decimate all our birds, chipmunks and squirrels....maybe that's why she gets in a mood?

  6. Hilary- They all have permanent places in our hearts.

    Anji- She was a pretty smart cat, and she never knocked anything over.

    Babs- That's interesting that they never liked high places. Molly was the only one who got on the bookcase, but we learned she would be OK. The others would be in trouble if they did that. Mostly they stick to the floor, chairs/couches and the bed. Anything else is pretty much off limits.

    Nicky- I bet Lola has some "sweet girl" moments. She's probably exercising her "tortitude". If I remember correctly, she is a Tortie.

    Kathe- Well they do have their moods - some more than others.

  7. Hi Linda .. don't cats just have that special place .. Dear Miss Molly - she looks very happy with you and that is main thing .. cheers Hilary


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