Friday, May 4, 2012

My Buddy

I have boxes full of pictures taken before we had a digital camera, so why not take advantage of the wealth.  Looking back to early 2001, we see Dood in an over-sized kennel.

I'm here for you!
When Dood (short for Doodle) was just a baby, he lost his mama and was adopted by Red, an old Tom.  Dood, like most kittens, loved to explore and apparently found his way under the hood of a car.  Regrettably his tail was injured when the car was started.  

He was friendly, but skittish about being picked up, so we worked with him to gain his trust. The smaller carrier on the left is how we rounded him up for a trip to the vet.  I left it open and he wandered in and I closed the door behind him.  Uh, what now?  Take him to vet, of course.  What?  Here was this never before contained kitten, that I had to single-handedly take to the vet.  This isn't what we'd just happened.  So, looking somewhat like a wild thing myself, I grabbed my keys and away we went.  

I was trying to keep him and me calm - singing, praying, and all the while figuring he would never trust me again.  I had called hubby and he called the vet to tell them we were coming, and that I'd probably need a sedative (no, unfortunately they can't give people sedatives).   

Sadly, he had to have part of his tail amputated, and while he was there we had him neutered, too.  We borrowed the large dog kennel from the Humane Society, and turned it into a mini suite, complete with a loft perch for him to enjoy while he convalesced.  His 10-day confinement allowed us to give his medication on schedule.  Like any good friend, Red was never far away, so we provided him a comfortable place to visit.  

Here they are several years later in their "summer house".  They were the best of friends for years. 

Me and my buddy


  1. Hi Linda .. isn't it great how they make friends .. poor chap - if my tail was cut off I'd be in an awful position! Cheers Hilary

  2. I recently went through a bunch of printed pictures too. While the digital camera is great and has its advantages, I miss prints sometimes. Dood looks like a sweetheart!

  3. Awww, I just love that caption: "I'm here for you"


  4. Hilary- They were the best of buds and walked together with Dood steering Red around. So cute. Dood may have a stumpy little tail, but he's a happy cat.

    Nicky- Yeah, printed pictures are great, nostalgic even. I started taking pictures 40 years ago, so I have hundreds and hundreds. Dood really is a sweetheart, and adapted really well to life on the inside.

    Margaret- He really was there for his bud. We built them a house that they enjoyed sharing and staying warm. The box on the picnic table was their summer house.

  5. Awww, they are just too cute together.
    Thanks for sharing :D

  6. Yeesi7- They were the best of buds. Nowadays, Rosie is Dood's idol. You quite frequently find them sharing their favorite chair. Glad to see you here at R2R.


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