Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beauty in the Sky

Some sights just demand you run and get your camera, or in this case my phone.  This doesn't do justice to the beauty I saw in the sky that afternoon.

This was taken a few days earlier, after a rain shower.  The sun has to but cast his rays upon the earth to make us smile with wonder. 

The camera doesn't lie, but it doesn't always pick up the subtleties we see with our eyes.  Still, we have the pictures to remind us of what our eyes saw.


  1. The first picture is breathtaking! Happens with me too. I see an absolutely beautiful scene and try to capture it, but the photograph doesn't always do justice to it. Agree with everything you express in this post. :)

  2. Beautiful photos Linda! I am glad you got your camera. :-) And thank you for sharing too.

  3. I love the sky when it's like that, puts everything into perspective

  4. Oh, so glorious, Linda! You're right - the photo might not capture the exact glory, but it does take us back to that perfect moment. And is there anything finer than a burst of golden rays after the rain?

  5. Such majesty. This is why I love living on a mountaintop. I think of the clouds as my neighbors.

  6. Wow. Seriously spectacular photos, Linda!

  7. Hi Linda .. great photos - we get those clear days with sharp clouds, sun streaming out - love the rays .. then the misty evening with the sun fading gently into complete dusk ..

    As you say you have the photos to remember the day by .. cheers Hilary


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