Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Nature Channel

Dood relaxing in front of Nature TV.

We "turn on" Nature TV on for him every morning.  However there isn't much on his favorite channel today.  It is a rainy, dreary day, and Dood is nowhere to be found.  I suspect he is curled up in his box in the basement. 

Yep, I know my cats!  

Where do your cats (or dogs) like to sleep the rainy days away?


  1. That's thoughtful of you, Linda. Over the holidays, watching "Christmas in Yellowstone", Stripey was desperate to attack the birds and otters on the tv :)

    The cats have rotating favorite places 'of the moment' when the weather is icky. Stripey will go to the door repeatedly to check on the weather's status. The dogs care not whether it's rain or sleet or snow - they always always always want to go out and play.

  2. I don't have any pets now, but when I lived with my parents my collie dog and 4 cats would all snuggle up together on their favourite armchair.

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  3. When she's not lying directly in the middle of my pillow, Lola usually lies around wherever I happen to be walking :-)

  4. Talon- Isn't it interesting that cats have a favorite "spot of the day, week, whatever"? It seems like there is one or two overall favorite spots, but the rest are rotating. Unfortunately, Dood's "nature channel" is at the whim of Mother Nature. Mostly our cats don't pay any attention to regular TV.

    Anji- That must have been one heck of an armchair to hold a collie and 4 cats. I guess the dog got there first and the cats just piled on. What a picture that must have been.

    Nicky- My Rosie loves my pillow and sleeps next to my head each night. Sophie is the one you trip over because she is sprawled out in the middle of the walkway.

    Meleah- Yeah, sweet!

  5. Dood is adorable. I love black and white kitties. My Mason usually prefers my bed, but can also be found sprawled out in the middle of the sofa or sometimes even curled up in Dixie's bed.

  6. Thanks. Dood is quite the little character. It often appears as if he has no neck. He is not a large cat, but stocky. We joke about him being our little sumo wrestler. He's not fat, though.

  7. Hi Linda .. I don't have any animals at the moment - but I'm sure they'd be on my bed .. or perhaps in their special place .. or in this weather near a radiator! Cheers Hilary

  8. Loved the picture of Dood and the fact that he watches The Nature Channel.

    Aggie hardly notices the TV. She's a real night cat. Sleeps almost all day and then yowls to go out on the porch as it gets dark.

    She sleeps on this giant dog bed (it looks like a mattress). We got for Ms. Dix, our dog, but Aggie stole it.

    Most of my cats have preferred more enclosed spaces. Not Aggie...she stretches out on this bed full body...rainy or sunny days.

    Well, to be honest, if it's thundering, she's usually scampers to my dirty clothes hamper:~)

  9. Hilary- The cats do gravitate to beds, especially if it happens to have an article of worn clothing on it.

    Sara- They all have their spots, which do rotate upon their whim. Rosie always sleeps next to me at night. Dood does stretch out to sleep a lot. Sophie stretches out on her back just for the fun of it. Rosie's favorite is curled up on his side with his head upside down.

    Note: I'm sorry, it seems I was a bit unclear about the "Nature Channel". I was referring to our picture window. When we open the blinds in the morning, we are turning on the Nature TV.


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