Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Am Free

Clinging to the leaf
I left only a shell of
My previous life

Written for dVerse poetry.


  1. That is an amazing photo and piece of poetry! Love it!

  2. it is good to leave behind some things...and to hatch anew....smiles.

  3. Those always freak me out when I find them.

  4. Oh wow, a cicada, right? Mieshka has brought a few of those into the house.

    And lately her specialty catch is horny toad lizards, yikes. Poor lizards. But what ya gonna do with a cat who likes to "add to the family larder??" :) let her do her thing, I guess.

    Oh, and a little bird. She is QUITE the hunter that Mieshka. And so sweet!!


  5. What an amazing picture and the poetry to go with this is excellent

  6. what fun piece of poetry and imagery.

    love one sentence pieces, yours is cute.

  7. profound haiku. tho I confess those insects do creep me out a bit.

  8. I love this one, both the haiku and the photo.

    Jannie's comment was funny. As your cats are outside, I imagine you are also used to the "gifts" cats leave.

    Aggie can leave me dried up lizards, which I find on my porch. Hey, you are what you are.

    Take good care of yourself and have fun, okay?

  9. Stunning photo and haiku, Linda! Really, beautiful.

  10. Linda- Thank you!

    Brian- Everything needs a fresh start.

    Meleah- Thanks. The shell is the creepy part.

    hedgewitch- I've always loved the sound of the cicadas. For years I didn't know these shells were where they came from.

    Jannie- Cats love to bring us gifts. I would find some interesting stuff when we had outside cats. They are so sweet to us, but ruthless hunters.

    Ann LeFlore- Glad you enjoy it - thanks for stopping by.

    The Orange Tree- Thanks so much.

    joanna- Thanks. They are just shedding their creepy part.

    Sara- Isn't haiku fun? Cats, they are what they are indeed. I had some "presents" when our cats were outside. I hope things are getting better for you.

    Nicky- Thank you!


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