Friday, September 30, 2011

A Wine Weekend

Ten people in five cars visit seven wineries in three days.   

Rain, fog, misty clouds hung low made for slow go round and round the mountain. 

A blast that passed too fast.  

Good food set the mood for our eclectic brood.   

Good friends and good wine equals good times.  

Cheers to all wine lovers everywhere.

Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. A carload of Oenephiles...?

    "Life is a Cabernet old friend,
    Come to the Cabernet"!

    Excellent 55 Linda, I hope you had a DD?
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. nice...nowi dont remember an invitation...smiles. sounds like a lovely time...

  3. G-Man- Indeed it is...and sort of. ;)

    Brian- Sorry, you know how the mail is sometimes. :(

  4. Nicely done, Linda. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Whew! I thought there was going to be a math problem there for a minute!

    Cool 55!

  6. Like Mama Kitty I thought we were going to be asked how much they drank... er, tasted. Sounds like good fun.

  7. Nicky- Thank you. Outings like that are always fun!

    Mama Kitty- No math problems from me, I promise.

    Anji- Tasted being the key word here.

  8. Linda -- that sounds like a WONDERFUL experience. Would have love to had joined you all.

    And beautifully written about.

    have a super-happy weekend.


  9. I thought it was one of the trick questions at first :)

    Ten people in five cars visit seven wineries in three days. How many cows were in the field at the time?

  10. I loved Babs' comment... this was a great post... who drove and did they drink? LOL!!!! I would not have wanted to drive! :)

  11. Lovely! We are wine lovers too and very lucky to have a lot of wineries very close. Great 55 and photo too!

  12. Jannie- Thank you. It was fun, and I think you have have enjoyed it even if there weren't any wine-drinking trees to be climbed.

    Meleah- Cheers back at ya! I hope you're feeling better.

    Morning- Thanks!

    Babs- No, not a trick question, but there were cows nearby some of the wineries. It was Virginia farm country.

    Katherine- It was a fun and safe weekend.

    Linda- Thank you. Someday we hope to tour California wine country.


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