Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ups and Downs

This end up
Fragile easily broken
Handle with care
There is none
Upside down
Inside out
Outside in
Ripped and torn
Hangs in shreds
In the wind
Bruised and shaken
And then
It stirs
Revived still alive
Rises again
The skies clear
The sun shines
Luck smiles
Once again
Life is good

Posted for One Shot Wednesday


  1. You capture the fleeting, topsy-turvy nature of life. Cool photo too.

  2. you take us on quite the emotional journey in long as the ups and downs are not too quick...

  3. such is this journey called life. perfect photo for this one...if only we could learn to take it in stride like these little creatures do!

    "The sun shines
    Luck smiles
    Once again
    Life is good"

    well said.

  4. Hi Linda. You know, sometimes I get grumbling and cranky and wish every moment could be with shining sun and "good." But the little down moments sure let us appreciate the wonderful ones.

    Like, now that my headache is finally gone, life IS GRRREAT!!


  5. seems to neatly express the cycle of bi-polar... but to some extent we all need challenges, so we are told.

  6. This is lovely, Linda. Beautiful flow, pace, whatever they call it.

  7. Most excellent! I can't write a poem to save my life!

  8. dustus- Thank you. And, my cats are pretty cool buds.

    Brian- I thought this seemed like a rollercoaster ride.

    tolbert- Thank you. The kitties are quite relaxed aren't they?

    Jannie- We all get the grumpies sometimes and wish for better times. That's just life. Glad your headache is better.

    Stafford Ray- I hadn't thought of that, but I guess it does.

    Nicky- Thank you!

    meleah rebeccah- Thanks! I bet you could. ;)

  9. I love the kitties and the poem! Very alive!

  10. You had me at the picture ;) Your words are lyrical and uplifting! ~Rose

  11. Linda,

    I tried yesterday to leave a comment, but couldn't. I wanted you to know that I think this one of the best poems you've written (that I've read). It reads delightfully -- like running down a hill and then sitting peacefully at the bottom.

    Loved it:~)

  12. Sara, thank you! I love your unique look at things.

    I know blogger was out of order for a while, and made Friday's post late getting up. Thankfully, that doesn't happen often.


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