Monday, May 9, 2011

Quote of the Week

The dead should not rule the living - Thomas Jefferson 

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There is a difference between following time-honored family traditions, and continuing to do a task the same way "my father and grandfather did", when changing with the times can make the task easier, more efficient or more cost effective. 

This quote is open to other interpretations.  Please feel free to share yours in the comment section.


  1. Hey Linda!

    Almost every company I've ever worked for needs to read this. "It's how we've always done it" is not the best practice ever!!

  2. I am all for carrying on Tradition. But sometimes you really DO need to make changes!

  3. That can be applied to so many things... to a widow holding on to her past, to a daughter afraid to fly away from her protective nest.. to governments, schools and businesses...

  4. What a profound statement and applicable to so many things in life. That Jefferson was one wise dude.

  5. So simple, yet so complex. There are many ways to go with this one. I think of it in terms of what we need to let go of in our lives; the things that are like dead branches and need to be pruned.

    Great selection of a quote, as usual:~)

  6. Great quote! Ghosts aren't always metaphysical...sometime they are metaphorical.


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