Friday, January 28, 2011


Two men, hopelessly lost on the mountain, trudging through snow, with night falling soon; one man swears, the other prays.

Photo Credit:  Tess Kincaid

"Why swear?"

"Why pray?"

One man felt fear; the other, comfort.

Suddenly amongst the clouds they saw a sign pointing toward the woods.  The praying man said "let's go".  The other swore.  They were saved!

Posted for Magpie Tales and Friday Flash 55.


  1. and there you find the peace filled mind and signs...

  2. So did the swearing help or slow down the effectiveness of prayer?

  3. I'd be doing a lot of both - and sweating, too!

    Wonderful magpie, Linda.

  4. Some moments really tell us who we are..very good!!

  5. the point of view in this piece is quite effective. couldnt ask for more :)

  6. So true. We could all be on the same path and have different approaches. Lovely 55.

  7. Sounds like both things played a part.

  8. Brian Miller- and sometimes in the clouds, too. Signs can be anywhere.

    Alice Audrey- I think it had no effect.

    Talon- Thanks, I might be doing all those things too.

    Lyn- Indeed, thanks.

    Arian- Thank you.

    Belinda- This is so true.

    thingy- At least you would still have hope.

    120 Socks- Interesting theory.

  9. Linda...
    I LOVED this 55!!
    Reminded me of Survivor Man.
    Great Job!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

  10. Everyone's approach to a problem is different. I think I'd be in the swearing camp. Nice Magpie.

  11. Faith keeps one calm, Fear keeps one alive. ;)

    Loved this 55!

    Mine's up too.

  12. This is so eloquent and elegant! Love it!

  13. I loved the contrast between the two men's perspectives.

  14. G-man- Thank you, glad you enjoyed! By the way, what kind of beer was it?

    Sue J- We're all different, that true. As they say, "different strokes..."

    Akelamalu- I expect that's true.

    gautami tripathy- Thanks.

    Linda- Thank you!

    Sioux Roslawski- Our differences are part of what make life interesting.

  15. Linda,

    I enjoyed this one. I kind of like the ending..."They were saved!" You could take that several ways.

    However, if I was lost in the woods on a snowy night, I know I'd be saying lots of prayers, especially since I can hardly walk in snow:~)


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