Monday, January 31, 2011

Quote of the Week

Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped.  
- African Proverb

As with many things in life, it's not where you end up so much as how you got there.  


  1. Such a wonderful quote, Linda. If not, we are surely in danger of slipping up in exactly the same place all over again...

  2. So true. A wise quote, that one and a wonderful image to illustrate it.

  3. Oooo, good one! Everything is either a blessing and / or a lesson!


  4. Great combo of photo and quote. The picture definitely makes you consider the quote:~)

    Hey, I hope things are okay with you? Drop me a line if you want to talk. BTW Looks like you might have more snow coming your way...

  5. It is the means to the end that counts..thanks for the reminder and the photo!

  6. Talon- Thank you. We don't really want to make the same mistakes twice, do we?

    Hilary- Thank you. That was taken in a park here in the city.

    Jannie- Yes, and everything happens for a reason.

    Sara- Thank you. I took that picture at the park last fall.

    Lyn- You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it.

  7. So true. I keep trying to explain to my kids it's not really the outcome when something didn't work, it's the method. If we can find out where it fell apart we have a better chance of success in the future.

    They don't always get that, though.

  8. Hi Linda ... I love your park photo - no wonder you took the picture.

    It's important to know where we're going .. and as you say how we got there.

    Thanks - Hilary

  9. Cardiogirl- Sometimes you have to repeat the cycle a few times where kids are concerned. I kinda remember being a kid.

    Hilary- Thank you. It's a nice park with tables, shelters and a playground for the kids. How you get to a point sometimes is key.


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