Friday, January 14, 2011

Detergent Bottle: Fail

Does this ever happen to you?  Here you are about to tackle that mountain of laundry for which you would sacrifice your first born…a week’s worth of wine if you didn’t have to do it.   

Your washer is filling as you reach for the detergent…you just opened a new one last week…and you open the bottle and start to pour the detergent into the measuring cap.   

But wait…there’s no spout.  That’s funny, I could’ve sworn these bottles have pour spouts.  Anyway, you go ahead and pour because you’ve got to get the laundry started so you can get back to your wine go walk the dog.   

Remember to pour carefully because, you know, there’s no spout.   

And that’s when you see it!  Floating in the detergent…inside the the missing spout. 

OK, this bottle is defective.  It happens sometimes.

Did I say sometimes?  Try around a half dozen bottles over the last year.  At first I thought ALL was using crappy bottles.  Then my next bottle of WISK did the same thing.

Dear ALL and WISK,

I think you need to have a little one-to-one with your bottle supplier because consumers are getting tired of looking at this in the bottom of their bottle.   

That’s where the worm is supposed to be.   

Oops - wrong bottle…


  1. I use Tide, my one luxury item and the spout is molded into the bottle. I'd be pretty irritated if this happened to me more than three times. Call 'em up and ask for a replacement. I bet they will give you one or two.

  2. All of the bottles we use have the spout molded into the bottle too.

    It'd be at least better if they just made the opening narrower.

  3. If they made the opening smaller they'd probably have to reconfigure the manufacturing line and the bottles would take longer to fill. Making it take longer to produce one bottle.

  4. Never had this happen. I think you're abusing your laundry detergent, hahah. Although you made me want a glass of wine pretty badly.

  5. This happened to me a couple of months ago when I was using Wisk. I thought it was just me.

  6. Jen- I'd thought about writing the companies, but just haven't gotten around to it. A few freebies would be nice.

    Babs- I wish our bottles were all one piece units, too.

    Old Lady on the Blog- I expect you do have a point. Then they continually change the packaging, so maybe a change is already in the works.

    Rhetoric Camel- Red or White? Cheers.

    Snuggle Wasteland- I was wondering if that had happened anyone else, or if I was just the "lucky"one.

  7. lol @ the wrong bottle having something in the bottom :)

    That's got to be so annoying! I also hate spray bottles where the tube sits about two inches off the bottom and you can't spray the last of it because it doesn't reach and you wouldn't have bought it if you knew that only the bottle is not see-through so you don't find out until it's too late...

    Do people that create these products actually use them? I don't think so...

  8. I've never had that happen to me...I wonder if maybe you haven't angered the laundry gods? A sacrifice might be required to appease them. Your first born should do :-)

  9. I have never, ever heard of this or seen it. Could be that I hate laundry so much that I don't buy many bottles of detergent since I don't use that much in a year.

    That's crazy.

  10. Linda, either type of wine will be great, although I do love a Red wine!!

  11. Talon- Yeah, that whole bottom of the bottle thing just sorta popped in there at the last moment. I think the problem with the bottles is cost cutting.

    Nicky- I guess I'm out of luck - those were just fictional first born, and I won't sacrifice my kitties. :)

    cardiogirl- I usually have at least a 6-month supply in my cabinet. You were also part of my inspiration for this post re: your 12-step program.

    Rhetoric Camel- I like both, too. Just depends on my mood and the food.

  12. Hi Linda .. when we expect the norm to work & it doesn't or it's broken .. what a pain!! I'd have hit the wine bottle, let the dog out for a walk by itself .. it must be grown enough by now to do that ..

    Love the story though .. fun - cheers Hilary

  13. Hilary- It is rather a pain, but almost funny that it has happened so often - almost.


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