Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunset and a Pizza

Last month I posted about our wonderful get away to Florida.  Here is another little trip down our vacation memory lane. 

One of the great things about our condo and it's location is that it was right across the street from John's Pass.  This is a hub-bub of activity with many great restaurants and shops, not to mention cruise boats, and other water sport rentals.  John's Pass has had several face lifts over the years we've been going to Madeira, but one thing remains the same.  That is DeLosa's Pizza!  They say it's the pizza that made John's Pass famous.

They have an extensive menu, but our favorite is, of course, their pizza.  You can get it by the slice, a whole pie, eat in, take out, whatever you like.  Since we were within walking distance, we got one to go, and enjoyed what would be our most beautiful dining experience.

The sunset that night was absolutely spectacular!  It was the perfect accompaniment for our pizza.  The colors were so brilliant that it almost looked like lava flowing down from the sky to sizzle in the cool water.  These pictures were taken from our balcony.


  1. Oh such beautiful images.. the colours are amazing. And now you've made me hungry for pizza!

  2. Those photos of the sky are glorious! Then adding pizza (and maybe a glass of red wine)! Perfections!

  3. Those are beautiful but now I want to see pictures of the pizza.

  4. Now I'm craving some pizza pie. What gorgeous photos, Linda! What a spectacular sunset!

  5. Hilary- Thank you. The sky was amazing, and the pizza was pretty darn tasty too.

    Linda- Red wine would be nice, but this was a pizza and beer night.

    Jen- Sorry there were no pizza pics. I think there are some on their website. ;) Trust me it was great pizza.

    Talon- I think everyone wants pizza now!

  6. Pizza and a sunset like are one lucky lady:~)

    The photos are amazing. I always struggle with my camera to get good shots of the did a fantastic job!

  7. Oh, Linda that is one of the most breath-taking skies I have ever seen.

    Thank you so so much for sharing it.



  8. Sara- I surely was. It was a fantastic evening. Who could ask for more? I have to admit that I did not take those pics. Hubby did those with his Droid, as my camera was in the car and a slow elevator ride away. They turned out pretty good, but nothing is like seeing it unfold.

    Jannie- Thank you - it was wonderful, and our most beautiful dinner. I love this planet, too!


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