Monday, November 29, 2010

Quote of the Week

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were. - Marcel Proust

As we change over the years, our memories adapt to those changes.  The actual events remain the same, it is just how we remember them that is different.  The human memory is an interesting thing.  You can compare the memories of two people who shared the same experience, and come away with two different versions of the event.

For more on the subject of memory, check out this article on Making Sense of Memory.                                                           


  1. Linda,

    I enjoyed the quote, your comment and the article you reference very much.

    I like the idea that our memories change as we repeat them our heads as we grow older. I like to think that the bad ones soften, while the good ones shine a bit more:~)

  2. Very complex topic - Memory! The events may not change, but or perception of them does. Interesting!

  3. Sara- Thanks. I have memories that I am not sure whether it is because I actually remember them or because I've heard so much about it over the years, I have formed memories.

    Linda- It is a very complex topic indeed, but definitely very interesting.

  4. I absolutely LOVE comparing memories with another person who was in the situation. Sometimes you can fill in a missing piece, sometimes you can argue til the cows come home that the sweater in question was red with white stripes and not purple with green stripes (WTH? Who would wear a purple and green sweater? I was right. It was red and white.)

    Excellent topic!

  5. Cardiogirl- Thank you. The memory is fascinating, isn't it?

    You know, I have learned a lot from blogging. It makes me broaden my horizons, stretches my imagination, and coaxes me to looking into things I'd never thought to do.

  6. I liked this quote. It's true. I find memory a selective beast :)

  7. Hi Linda .. that's so true .. the memory tends to remember the happy things .. and we evaluate our thinking of that particular time - perhaps realising why someone else might have acted in the way they did .. or because of the surroundings, or the situation ..

    As you say .. I too have learnt lots from blogging - broadening my horizons, stretching my imagination and coaxing me to look at things I'd have never have looked at - loe the way you describe these benefits of blogging.

    Thanks Linda .. interesting thoughts .. Hilary


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