Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Beach at Ft. DeSoto
Sunlight glitters brilliantly on the calm waters of the Gulf.  Clear skies fill with birds, planes and parasailors.  It is still summer on the beach; umbrellas sprout like multicolored flowers across the sand.  Boats dot the horizon, fishing, sailing, working, relaxing.  Every day is a vacation, every night is a party.  Life's short, enjoy yourself.

Flash Friday 55


  1. Beautiful photo. As it gets colder here in New England, that "vacationland" sounds better and better.

  2. nice. you paint a beautiful picture and each day is a blessing to enjoy to its fullest...

  3. oh i want to go to the beach now...your words are sure inviting - and it's just foggy and cold over here....

  4. I wish I could be teleported. We have snow flurries last night - they didn't stick, but oh my! Waaaay too soon!

  5. I envy you so much:~) It looks lovely.

    I hope you're having a great time:~)

  6. I think you're just trying to win folks over by posting summery pictures and stuff just when things are cooling down.

    (Dang! Why didn't I think of that?)

    Nice 55, Linda!

  7. So appealing. Sun is shining here in the Pac NW, but 60 degrees and no warm sand.

    My 55 is HERE .

  8. LINDA!!!!
    You are such a tease!
    But Thats OK...
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thank You playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  9. Hi Linda .. great picture & yes I'd love to be there .. I can just see the sun glittering .. and umbrellas today = rain ones!

    Life is short .. enjoy it and get on with it .. hope you do that this weekend .. happy times .. Hilary

  10. PattiKen- I'm familiar with New England, and expect it's already pretty chilly. I saw that it was 38 in my hometown this morning.

    Brian Miller- It was definitely beautiful!

    Claudia- I'm not sure where you are, but foggy and cold...brrrrr.

    Talon- Summer never lasts long enough! I was lucky to get a second helping.

    Sara- Thanks, we had a great time, and it was indeed lovely.

    Eric Alder- Did it work?

    Monkey Man- Ah, 60 deg. is not too bad for this time year. The warm sand is nice, though.

    G-Man- Just like getting the appetizer and no entree, eh? It was great fun, though.

    Hilary- Had a lot of fun. Sorry about the rain. :(

    Mona- Yes...Enjoy!

  11. Thank you! You just gave me some of the best summer I've had in a while!

  12. Linda- You are most welcome. It was probably the best part of my summer, too.


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