Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogging Categories: Where do you fall?

Photo credit: Michel Wal
We've come a long way from the ancient tablets where there ideas were carved into stone, and only those  present could view it.  Today our words go out to the entire world with the click of a key.  

Creative Writing bloggers showcase their talent by putting words together to draw us into a story created from their own imagination, be it prose or poetry.  Examples can be found on Magpie Tales and One Shot Wednesday Poetry, to name a few.  I sort of stumbled into this type of writing at a time when I wanted to add new life into my own blog.

Photography bloggers focus not on the written word, but rather how life is seen through the eye of the camera.  Beautiful pictures take us around the world season by season showing what many of us would otherwise never see.

Bloggers who Teach know that while anyone can create a blog and start writing, it isn't as cut and dried as that.  More experienced writers, and those with a lot of natural talent may fare just fine.  For everyone else, there are those who teach about how to get readers, get comments, pinpoint our target audience, determine the tone of our blog, find our niche, and more.

So the question is this, which of these categories do you fall into?  Does your blog blur the style lines?  What, if anything, would you change if you could have a do over, and what's stopping you?


  1. Do you know, I think I probably fall into the humor category, but I'm not sure. I'm sometimes quite serious. But not often!

  2. I definitely blur lines on my blog. I've always sort of done what I like - it's like my creative playground. I've met some fantastic people through blogging and I don't think I'd change a thing.

  3. It is interesting how blogs can fall into categories. I sort am electric. I sometimes use humor. I definitely use photography and recently have been exploring creative writing.

    This is something I love about blogging. It gives the opportunity to try on different styles and see how they fit. It as writer's dressing room:~)

  4. I blur; humour, creative writing and diary. I love all kinds of blogs and some times good writing will draw me into something I thought I wouldn't be intersted in.

  5. Hi Linda .. I think I'm a mix .. but probably fall into the informative teaching - though even that doesn't quite feel right .. but again I have no name for the category as such.

    It's just fun .. and I love imparting knowledge I've thought of .. or has been spun out of an idea or two ..

    Interesting thoughts here .. thanks - Hilary

  6. Linda- Yeah, it's hard to categorize what I write either. I just jump all over the place.

    Talon- Mine is a duke's mixture, and I've met some great people too. I've change some since the beginning, but for the better.

    Sara- "a writer's dressing room" I like that. That pretty much sums it up. It is a learning experience for me, and is opening new doors.

    Anji- I have a variety of different styles I read regularly, or sort of regularly.

    Hilary- I understand, mine is difficult to categorize too. Some are informative and some are creative, or just miscellaneous.


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