Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Down By The River

Our latest excursion took us to 421 River Park, a small park on the bank of the Yadkin River.  It is a small park, and its primary purpose is to allow access to the river for canoeing and fishing.  There are a few picnic tables, a horse shoe pit, volley ball and some swings.

From the park you have an excellent view of the river and the bridge on Hwy. 421 which crosses the river.

There were some interesting "decorations" on the bridge.

Someone even left an apology for their artwork.

Here is an interesting view of the bridge.  It reminds me of looking into mirrors and seeing multiple reflections.

This one shows bridge decoration the way nature intended it.  What you see here are what appears to be the nests of cliff swallows or barn swallows.  They build mud nests in very high, protected places.

This is a better picture than I could get, and it shows a clear view of the birds and the nest.  Looks like a full house!
Cliff Swallows - originally uploaded by Snowmanradio


  1. Neat shots, Linda! I've never seen the cliff swallows before or their amazing look nests! Very cool!

  2. Thanks Talon, I've never seen any before either. They were flying back and forth, so we figured they were feeding babies inside the nests. They were too high up to get any clear shots, though. According to population maps, there aren't many in our area. Hubby actually googled them to find out what they were.

  3. Great pics. The one with the 'multiple reflections' is actually quite spectacular.

  4. Thanks Arnold,

    I actually had my husband take that picture since he is a fair bit taller than me. I think he got a good one.

  5. "sorry about the paint"
    That's funny. A vandal with a sense of humor.
    Nice photos!

  6. Thank you!

    Twas funny, and not something you see every day. Graffiti yes, an apology for it, no.

  7. Hi Linda,

    Great shots. I especially like the last one of the birds. They look pretty cozy in their little homes.

  8. Linda,

    I loved all the photos, but my favorite was the fourth one. It's such a cool shot.

    I agree with what you is like looking into mirrors and seeing multiple reflections.

    I also like the perspective -it's a bit like a funnel effect in that you eye is drawn to last square with the bit of green showing.

    Great job and thanks for sharing your visit to the bridge:~)

  9. Barbara, Thanks, they are such cute birds. I can't take credit for that last picture, though. I just wasn't close enough, so I borrowed one from wikimedia. Sorry!

    Sara, That bridge shot was a favorite of mine, too. Hubby got a great picture for me. I figured with his height advantage, he'd get the better picture.

  10. These are wonderful photos.. great perspective and a lovely touch of nature. Thanks for these.

  11. I love the graffiti artist's use of the word whatnot. That word needs more exposure. I'm going to try to add that into my next blog post.


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