Friday, May 28, 2010

Communication Bloopers

Today's post was inspired by this week's Quote of the Week on communication.  While good communication is key to understanding each other and keeping our relationships running smoothly, sometimes it's not what we say or how we say it, but what is understood that matters.  For instance, here's part of a conversation hubby and I had last night.  So we were in the car heading out to watch Ashley's son's musical presentation at his school, and we were discussing directions, etc.

Hubby:  "Do we want to take Reynolda?
Me:  "No, we can take Silas Creek to University.  Or
we can go the same way we go to the Fair.  Do you need a refresher on that?"
Hubby:  "Nope, we go out Miller..."
Me:   "Remember where the bus thing fair took us to park?"  

Well now that didn't make sense, but before I could stop laughing and try again, he said "OK, yeah, I got it."  Strangely, he knew what I was trying to say.  Hmmm, that's a little scary considering how often my fully formed thoughts get mangled beyond recognition somewhere between my mouth and his ears as if they are bounced off of some creepy, thought-encrypting satellite.

What I'd meant to say was - do you remember where we parked and took the shuttle bus to the fair?  That's where we're going.

Sometimes, depending on who you're talking to, you can still make your point no matter how the words come out.  This stuff happens with us all the time, and he says "These things are funny.  You should write this down, this is good stuff".  Funny, eh, I don't know, but it keeps us laughing at ourselves and each other in a good way.  That's got to be a good thing, right?

I'll bet you have a few bloopers, too.  Care to share?


  1. lol! It's great when our family and friends know exactly what we're talking about even when we're not sure ourselves!

    My daughter and I have some silly words that we have that we know exactly what they mean and they don't exist in any dictionary.

    That kind of communication is almost like a secret language. It's neat.

  2. Growing up my family had words and phrases that no outsider would understand.

    This time, though, I think my mouth and my brain were just running at different speeds. ;)


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